• PSImetals-Release 5.14 available with comprehensive product improvements

    More Flexibility on Complex Processes

The new PSImetals Release 5.14 is again crammed with comprehensive product improvements. Even more customer requirements are now covered by the standard product, meaning no further individual project solutions are needed. Performance has also been ramped up yet another notch in some areas. And improvements in usability have also not been neglected.

Not so long ago, we were proud to report on Release 5.13. Now, the finishing touches have already been put to the next package, which is available to customers in the form of PSImetals Release 5.14. The driving force here is our close collaboration with our customers and, above all, their innovative spirit. It’s often a matter of providing users with even more help with complex decisions, or making the modelling of complex processes in the virtual map of the system easier and more convenient.

The supply chain firmly under control

The Caster Scheduler now offers the option to override the maximum casting width, which can lead to increased throughput and a reduction in stored slabs. In addition, a new view has been introduced to predict hot metal consumption over time. The Line Scheduler was successfully modified for scheduling slab cutting lines. In the Master Planner, the user can now influence the result by making manual interventions in the solution area of the Solver. Drag & drop can be used to change the order of individual tasks on a line, without affecting the planning of upstream and downstream ones. In the Order Scheduler section, areas can now be defined that allow individual users to create schedules that only apply to the lines relevant to them. And in the Reactive Scheduling section, a full scheduling plan can be transferred from one line to another if necessary. Performance increases of 30 % and more have already been achieved when processing multiple results of 50 000 production orders, for example.

The shop floor has its own rules

In production, PSImetals Production now supports the seamless tracking of longitudinally split coils of different lengths. The production journal offers an improved overview of all scrap based operations. The quality department can look forward to more freedom in the area of sampling and complex tests, as well as a new test browser that makes it much easier to handle completed tests. When it comes to managing deviations, additional configuration options mean programming is unnecessary. A new graphical view provides a quick overview of welded coils. The Melt Shop system now allows manual overwriting of process values and, if necessary, manual triggering of telegrams for automation. For crane operators in the scrap warehouse, there is now a new crane dialogue to support their specific needs. For space reasons, their colleagues in the slab warehouse often store a slab over two existing stacks. This is now supported with increased dynamisation in stacking.

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