Planning & Scheduling for metals production.

Your customers expect realistic information concerning delivery dates and contract performance. Company departments such as purchasing, production and controlling need details of orders of material, production jobs, plant programs, consumption, etc.

PSImetals Planning follows an integrative approach that covers the whole lifecycle from sales to production order to the finished product over all process stages in metals production. 

The high degree of automation with tried-and-tested algorithms ensures that complex planning tasks can be mastered in realtime. This makes planning activities very transparent whilst providing fast information that is to the point. Thanks to the integrated planning process quick responsiveness from shopfloor-level to the superior sales level can be ensured everytime.

Why PSImetals?

"That material flow optimization project allows us to control the flow efficiently and to forecast problems. It gives us clear and feasible production plan which is a base for strategic discussions and decisions."


Mr. Havelange
Project Manager

"Material Assignment Optimization added value to the slab utilization process and allowed us to maximize the HSM schedules by assigning the critical sizes which increased the schedule length up to 15%."


Mr. Tufaru
Project Manager

"We have a long experience in cold mill area for 30 years, but we are novices in hot mill area. Therefore, we wanted a proven solution for planning and scheduling of our mini-mill. In order to reduce the trial and error that comes from being novice, the proven solution specified for steel, especially for mini-mill, was needed. Finally, we discovered the proven solution provider. We believe that PSI/AIS is the best provider and partner of verified solutions, which has much experience in the steel industry."

Dongbu Steel

Mr. Lee
Project Manager

"Thanks to their way of thinking, their strong attention for the customer and its issues, their ability to express a problem using 'canonic and high level concepts' and their high skills in operational research and computer science, PSI/AIS have developped adaptive solution for the MES and APS in the steel industry. Additionally, it is always a pleasure to work with PSI/AIS consultants, who are all very interesting, efficient and friendly persons."

ArcelorMittal (Florange, France)

Olivier Sorez
Senior Architect

"With this project, we achieved a better knowledge of the scheduling process of the HSM which allow us to optimize the utilization of the mill, minimizing the risk of violations that can harm the equipment, as well as, to improve the quality and level of service to downstream lines and final customer."

APM (Monterrey, Mexico)

Jose-Luis Valdès
Planning and Customer Service Manager

"With this project, we target to increase the quality of the production sequences, with the different business gains linked to it. We selected PSI/AIS mainly for the maturity of their Line Scheduler solution, concerning the short term scheduling optimization and editing."

ArcelorMittal (Liège, Belgium)

Jean-Christophe Botteman
Capo commessa

"With this project we target to enhance our customer service and productivity through a better optimization of our supply chain. We have selected PSI/AIS for their expertise in the steel industry and optimization solutions. Our partnership with PSI/AIS began many years ago with our first PSI/AIS Line Scheduling Solution - we are willing to continue this successful relationship!"

Duferco (La Louvière, Belgium)

Francesca Appiani
IT Manager and Gautier Havelange, Project Manager

"PSI/AIS tools help us to visualize in a snapshot the plant production flows."

Ternium (Monterrey, Mexico)

Diego Molinari
IT Models Manager

"Duferco Clabecq was looking for a global IT solution to improve its supply-chain management. PSI/AIS was selected due to the fact that with their long experience of supply-chain IT developments in the steel industry, the proposed solution was the best suitable for our requirements. This project is for us mainly customer-oriented, we want to improve our customer service with a better promise performance."

Duferco (Clabecq, Belgium)

Claude Monseu
Logistic Director

"The introduction of the collaborative detailed planning delivery schedules could be significantly increased."

Prymetall (Aurubis, plant Stollberg)
Dr. Bernd Langner

"We selected PSI/AIS Line Scheduler for the detailed scheduling of the hot strip mill for its flexibility and the ability to model, within a few days, realistic coffins. Through the implementation of BetaPlanner and subsequently, AlphaPlanner and Material Flow Coordinator, we have greatly improved the planning and scheduling environment of our caster & hot strip mill area."

ArcelorMittal Asturias (Avilès, Spain)

Javier Linera
Quality and Logistics Manager

"The use of PSI planning modules gave us not just high flexibility and transparency of all works areas over many years, but also generated competitive advantages for us thanks to a harmonized IT system landscape and planning philosophy."

Arcelor Eisenhüttenstadt GmbH
Thomas Weidlich
Head of production planning

"Line Scheduler is a 21st century solution for the scheduling of the HSM. The high level of steel expertise of PSI/AIS consultants helps to solve the issues. Line Scheduler is to the HSM scheduling what Excel is to spreadsheets: a flexible solution with virtually unlimited functions which is being enriched over time."

ArcelorMittal Fos-sur-Mer

Jean-Pierre Coste
Project Process Unit Engineer

"We have been cooperating with PSI/AIS for many years. In October 2007 we completed a common project: Implementation of Line Scheduling at the walking beam furnace. With this project, we target to optimize the furnace scheduling process for the different types of furnaces and to keep the conditions of the mill scheduling process. We selected PSI/AIS because it is a company with an above-average competency in steel scheduling and our experience with PSI/AIS during our last project was very positive."

voestalpine (Linz, Austria)

Kurt Brunner
Project Manager

"The introduction of PSImetals at all factories creates a company-wide transparenca which supports a department spanning and cooperative approach to planning tasks."

ThyssenKrupp VDM GmbH
Rolf-Dieter Großkopf
former Chief Executive Officer

"The Line Scheduler project helped us to achieve the following benefits: Perfect and quick integration of the new rules; High flexibility in case of unexpected drastic change (breakdown, new constraints, banned products, etc.); Easy tuning on the relative weights for due date respect, cost reduction, ...; Appreciable increase of hot charging rate by checking every virtual slab; Appreciable contribution to coffin size increase; Time saving on Scheduling process allowing operators to dedicate on more value added tasks."

ArcelorMittal Fos-sur-Mer

Mr. Basse
Lead HSM Scheduler

"We decided to continue the implementation of the PSI/AIS Planning modules in Ternium Sidor's cold lines because of two main reasons: The excellent results that we have achieved with the Hot End Solution project and the flexibility on the configuration of the solutions of PSI/AIS. With this new project, Cold End Solution, we hope to improve the scheduling synchronization of the three flat products plants of Ternium Sidor: the cold strip mill, the hot strip mill and steelmaking. At the same time achieving such benefits as optimizing resources, maximizing facilities productivity, minimizing costs, and upgrading customer fulfilment."

Ternium Sidor (Puerto Ordaz, Venezuele)

Juan Iocco
Logistics Director

"The 'Line Scheduling for Casters' system has provided us valuable insight into our caster melt demand which as improved our ability for production planning and capacity optimization.  With 'Line Scheduling for Casters' , we have seen our productivity increase along with steelmaking delivery performance and this has translated into better on-time product shipments and satisfied customers."

ArcelorMittal (Burns Harbor, United States)

John Satti
Manager of Operations Planning

KPI-driven, proactive production management for decision makers

Running a metals plant means to manage a variety of interactions between many options. Daily, hundreds of decisions based on production data, reports and KPIs have to be made by different stake holders

PSI Metals together with F/L/S and its Qualicision®-Inside approach will help you to manage your production processes by optimizing your KPIs and resolving conflicts between them.

The result of the sales & demand planning is an optimal balance between productivity and customer service. The integration of sales planning and production planning whilst considering all production constraints as well as restrictions of the supply chain delivers the basis for optimizing profitability of products whilst respecting the market demands.

Cost optimization by selecting the most profitable orders

No matter whether your objectives are less/more throughput, better customer service or cost optimization, our production planning solution optimizes the material flow for confirmed orders along the process chain. It includes an inventory optimization that allows the planning adhering minimum and maximum target stocks. Using stock level constraints as planning conditions, the workload can be optimized regarding deadlines and throughput ratios within the “tolerance” specified. Our solution takes into account also the optimizing of assignment as well as minimizing of material losses and maximizing productivity (e.g. in the case of cutting and slitting processes or in the case of plate nesting challenges).

Campaign Optimization
Orders are planned automatically by the system considering factory calendar, capacities, delivery dates etc.

In your every day operation you need a scheduling solution that deals with the high variance of constraints, specific for the metals industry (caster optimization, coffins, set-up optimization for cold rolling mill a.o.).

PSImetals can master these complex scheduling tasks using tried-and tested algorithms in realtime. This makes prompt and safe responses to deviations in scheduling.

Caster Scheduling

Latest Developments in Research Projects

Potential improvement to planning of the overall steel making process thanks to the LNS algorithm. (Project subsidized by the Brussels-Capital Region – Innoviris.)