Far-sighted software.

The PSImetals Cockpit enables you to manage your business company-wide. All production-related aspects are presented in context and relevant information is displayed within seconds. Every department has its specific view of group-wide, consistent information. PSImetals is the no-delay tool for managing your company.

Your plant at a glance

The PSImetals Cockpit provides an integrated and holistic view of production processes across all areas of a factory. The integrative approach shows how changes occur locally influence planning, production and logistics targets in other plant areas.

Aligned Decision Making

The cockpit technology supports the cross-functional and global plant monitoring leading to a collaborative and streamlined decision making process along the supply chain.

Innovative Visualization

All information regarding planning, production, quality, logistics and energy are presented in real-time using different levels of detail as and when required. There is a context related drill down from the cockpit into all detailed functions of the PSImetals product family.