• KPI-oriented Production Management

    Balance your business KPI goals and resolve conflicts in your production process

Towards proactive production management in a moderated 3 days workshop for decision makers.

Running a metals plant means to manage a variety of interactions between many options. Daily, hundreds of decisions based on production data, reports and KPIs have to be made by different stake holders

PSI Metals together with F/L/S and its Qualicision®-Inside approach will help you to manage your production processes by optimizing your KPIs and resolving conflicts between them.

Designed for decision makers in:
Planning & Scheduling, Production, Quality, Sales

We will help you answering questions like:

  1. Which KPIs are used today to manage your processes?
  2. How do you measure their fulfilment?
  3. How do you proactively achieve them?
  4. How do you manage and resolve conflicts?
  5. Do you actively manage your actions and goals?
  6. How do you deal with daily changing priorities?

What you will get from the workshop:

  • Working out your current KPI status
  • Initial conflict analysis of your processes
  • Proactive KPI achievement actions
  • Pros and cons of your KPIs
  • Analysis of the options and recommendations portfolio
  • Impact analysis on your KPIs
  • Towards a software solution for KPI-oriented optimization
  • KPI assessment report based on workshop results


Day 1: KPI definitions

Day 2: KPI impact analysis

Day 3: KPI conflict analysis and solution scenarios

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