Swiss-Based von Moos Stahl AG Puts Its Trust in PSI Industry Solution

PSImetals permits precisely timed planning and production control in steelworks

Berlin, 7 December 2006 - In future, von Moos Stahl AG, a wholly owned subsidiary of SCHMOLZ+BICKENBACH AG, formerly Swiss Steel AG, will use the industry solution PSImetals for precisely timed planning and production control at the steelworks. The new production control system by PSI subsidiary PSI BT plans and visualizes the process flows, creates energy demand prognoses and, above and beyond this, also facilitates trouble management and ladle management.


Procurement of a production control system was triggered by increased demands with regard to precise timing of energy procurement for the Swiss steel company. Moreover, commissioning of a new vacuum system made the process flows in the steelworks more complex and demanded optimization of crane transports in order to ensure high throughput at the casting plant.


For production sequence planning and energy consumption prognoses, PSImetals uses an online scheduling concept that is based on linear optimization processes. The results of scheduling are visualized in a Gantt component, taking the stipulated process regulations into account. A precisely determined energy demand prognosis now makes it possible to place the order with the energy supplier a day ahead.


In the next phase, PSImetals will schedule the sequences and production steps so that more constant energy consumption is attained within a stipulated range of tolerance.



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