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The journal is published quarterly and provides information about projects and latest software developments in our target markets.

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Current articles on steel & aluminium topics

coilDNA: From Internet of Things to Internet of Metals

It is fascinating how only a single DNA fragment can be used to draw conclusions about a person...

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Gerdau: “Digital Transformation is Top Priority!”

In the latest interview, he talked to Claudio Fuhrmann-Schneider, IT Global Architecture Manager at Gerdau...

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HBIS TangSteel: PSImetals Controls Processes of Steel Mill

The Chinese steel manufacturer HBIS TangSteel New District successfully commissioned the PSImetals modules in November 2020...

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Ma Steel: One Step Ahead in Quality Management

Quality is not a means or a mechanism. Rather, it is a rational decision based on scientific data...

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PSImetals Quality: Enjoy the Sound of Silence

Noise in steel & aluminum production, on the other hand, is more deafening. Here, digitalization offers a remedy...

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PSImetals Release 5.20: Flexibility by Design

On top of a long list of functional improvements, Release 5.20 includes the new PSImetals Service Platform (SP)...

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