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The journal is published quarterly and provides information about projects and latest software developments in our target markets.

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Current articles on steel & aluminium topics

PSImetals Successfully Implemented at thyssenkrupp Rasselstein

A milestone was reached in March 2021 when the PSImetals modules Production, Quality, Logistics, Planning and Order Scheduling were successfully put into operation...

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Smart Plans for Sustainable Steel Production with PSImetals

In the spirit of nature, everything is connected. Industrial companies have recognized this and are now striving for smart and sustainable production...

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Higher Quality in Metal Production Through Forward Dressing

Multi-stage production in the metal industry is a complex process. The remedy is “Forward Dressing”...

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ASAŞ ALÜMİNYUM: Managing Complex Production Right From the Start!

It’s incredibly exciting to build a plant from scratch and that’s exactly the challenge ASAŞ faced...

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PSImetals Release 5.21: Another Step Towards Flexibility and Usability

In addition to a long list of functional improvements, PSImetals Release 5.21 pays special attention to...

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PSI Metals with Certification Program: Become a PSImetals Expert!

Depending on the focal point of the application, interested parties can now train to become real PSImetals experts...

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