A short interview with Johannes

Demanding and exciting tasks for creative people and for a company that is committed to its employees.

Software Developer
Who are you and what are you doing at PSI?

“My name is Johannes, I am 34 years old and I have been working at PSI for more than seven years. Currently I am working in the field of Framework Development and Mobile Application.”

What do you particularly like about the company?

“Open structures and a wide range of tasks. PSI offers a broad spectrum of software development - from the framework development, in which we count every bit, to project development, in which we look for the optimal solution together with the customer.”

Which skills are particularly in demand in your field of work?

“Creativity. I think software development is an incredibly creative process. It includes a large spectrum of tasks: identifying problems, finding abstractions and programming the most beautiful and elegant solution possible. For this you need a lot of creativity, the ability to think abstractly and a good vision.”

Spontaneously name three terms that come to your mind about PSI.

“Employee-friendly, international, diversified.”

What opportunities are there for PSI employees?

“PSI offers various career opportunities. Depending on interest and talent, everyone can find their own way. Project manager, business specialist or computer nerd - everyone is needed and wanted here.”

What advice do you give to potential new employees?

“Get to know your colleagues. Whether at lunch, at the coffee machine or at the soccer table - you will meet many great people.”

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