A short interview with Myriam

I know the balancing act between professional needs and family needs well. PSI gives me the flexibility to deal with it appropriately in different phases of my life.

Sales Director
Who are you and what are you doing at PSI?

“My career at PSI began as a working student 25 years ago during my computer science studies. Over the years I have developed software, managed projects and then for a long time managed a part of product development. Currently I am Sales Director of a division of PSI Metals and head a small area of sales staff.”

What do you particularly like about the company?

“The variety. PSI offered me many career opportunities in the recent years, so that I could find the optimal job for me within the company, depending on my life situation. In this way, career and family can be brought halfway under one roof. I also value our sense of community and collegiality, which is not always a matter of course.”

Which skills are particularly in demand in your field of work?

“What is needed are flexible all-rounders with a technical background who are willing to speak the language of the customer. This means that the ability to recognize, understand and implement customer needs is an absolute must in project management and sales.”

Spontaneously name three terms that come to your mind about PSI.

“Customer-oriented, human, process-oriented.”

What opportunities are there for PSI employees?

“In a nutshell: a permanent further development. In addition to stays abroad at locations worldwide, there are numerous further training opportunities or special training programs for newcomers. At PSI you get the necessary freedom to look outside of the box and to develop yourself professionally also personally.”

What advice do you give to potential new employees?

“It is important that you remain true to yourself and face new challenges. If you keep an eye on your goal and stay on the ball non-stop, all doors are open at PSI.”

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