A short interview with Ronald

It's great to see everything running automatically in a factory and to know that it's your own software that controls the plant.

Project Manager
Who are you and what are you doing at PSI?

“I started working for PSI 20 years ago right after studying computer engineering. First I worked in the printing industry and later in the chemical industry. After that I spent much of my time in logistics and now I am working in the steel industry. Since 2007 I have been project manager who supports the customer from the initial requirements through the concept phase to the actual implementation and commissioning.”

What do you particularly like about the company?

“I love to see things move. When your own software controls a complete high-bay warehouse and stores and removes pallets there, as well as assembles deliveries for trucks, , then this is an enormously satisfying feeling. Exactly this direct connection to technology also strengthens the variety in my job.”

Which skills are particularly in demand in your field of work?

“In order to guarantee our customers a smooth process flow, we are in close contact with them. Communication skills, quick comprehension and organizational talent are particularly important here. Teamwork is also required.”

Spontaneously name three terms that come to your mind about PSI.

“Flexible working hours, collegiality, goal-oriented.”

What opportunities are there for PSI employees?

“Since PSI is not only a pure software company, many interesting and varied tasks are waiting for the employees. One thing you won’t experience here is boredom.”

What advice do you give to potential new employees?

“Try to understand the customer technology. The understanding of the complex processes and relationships as well as the subsequent implementation of these by our software are very interesting.”

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