A short interview with Viola

PSI is a company with a positive working atmosphere, thanks to friendly and helpful colleagues and an appreciated interaction across hierarchical levels.

Software Developer
Who are you and what are you doing at PSI?

“I'm a mathematics graduate of the TU Berlin and have been working in a project team at PSI for a year. I program extensions of our standard product to best meet the needs of the customer. Software development remains exciting because each project brings with it new challenges and requirements.”

What do you particularly like about the company?

“I like the open corporate culture, the positive and collegial working atmosphere and the good working conditions.”

Which skills are particularly in demand in your field of work?

“You should be able to think yourself into complex contexts. Apart from that, the ability to work in a team is of great importance, especially when it comes to project work.”

Spontaneously name three terms that come to your mind about PSI.

“Diverse, open-minded, software solutions.”

What opportunities are there for PSI employees?

“It is the opportunity to take on other positions within the company. Whether from software development to commercial project management, consulting, training or sales - there are many possibilities that make a diversified work over years possible. In addition, there is an attractive opportunity to work at different locations and on various projects worldwide.”

What advice do you give to potential new employees?

“My recommendation is to get involved with the new challenges and requirements in a positive and motivated way and to seek an exchange with colleagues.”

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