Competence creates trust.

Whether in your business or our own: Competence and trust are the keys to achieving and developing a competitive edge.

Sven Busch

"Technology to inspire you: As the metals specialists within PSI, we focus on production management for metals production so that it can serve the specific needs of this industry in a global market. No matter what your goals are – our staff will understand your technological processes and with you, we master IT tasks with competence and quality – both today and in the future."

Sven Busch has led the metals business at PSI since 1997, became a member of PSI Metals executive board in 2005 and is speaker of the board since October 2014. After his master in physics he started at the Fraunhofer Institute for Production Systems and Design Technology and joined PSI in 1986. His main target is to focus PSI Metals on software product business and to develop PSI Metals as the world leading supplier for Production Management for steel, aluminium and other metals producers.

Thomas Quinet

"Since several years PSI gains the market leader position in production management for metals industries. To continue the growth of the company we will further focus on developing PSImetalsfor the future challenges of our customers as well as transform our organization to serve our customers with best in class consultants."

Thomas Quinet became the managing director in 2017. He has a degree in civil engineering, and entered the metals business already in 2001. He started as sales executive, took over leadership as sales director very soon and became member of the board at PSI Metals Belgium in 2009. After performing an executive MBA, he took over the role of the Financial Director in 2013.  He is responsible for Finance, Controlling, Legals, IT and Services as well as Products & Methodology and Marketing & Product Management, Accounts & Partners, Sales Support and Training.

Interview with Thomas Quinet