Thomas, you have been the Managing Director of PSI Metals for almost three years now – how did the company change during this time? 

The last three years have been exciting for PSI Metals in general and, certainly for me. While continuing expanding our market position and our business, we have been continuously transforming the company.

Over the past few years, we have seen the company becoming mature in the delivery of stable and robust products. Elaborating on the PSI Java Framework, we have launched in 2019 our new PSImetals Service Platform, which allows our customer to benefits from modern technologies and new features within PSImetals while continuing to have access to solid functionalities, which have been historically grown into our software. This is not only a huge paradigm change for the company, but also the outcome of a tremendous amount of work.

What is the goal of the new management for the company?

We have a good position at the moment - we are a solid company, we have a good market presence, we are in different segments of the world and we have great expertise in the company. Despite this good market presence, we still have many uncovered areas. Jörg, Harald and I want to especially focus on the company’s further growth in the next years.

In order to go for this growth, we also like to transform the spirit of the company to become more entrepreneurial and to extend our business opportunities and added value we bring to our customers.


How do you plan to achieve it?

PSImetals being active worldwide, we will need to balance our developments in the different regions. The situation of the metals industry is different in several geographical areas: we need to focus on gaining new market share in some regions (such as Russia or Asia) while in other areas, where we are already benefiting from a comfortable market share, the company will further develop and enhance its consulting skills in order to bring more value to our customers, not only through our software, but also through our domain expertise in metals industry. Further, in some other areas, new products might be proving to be the best way to advance our customers in their digitalization strategy.

This will require an entrepreneurial spirit and an ability to adapt itself to the given environment. We are counting on our managers and employees to adhere to this spirit and seek the growth on their local markets. 


What are your dreams? 

Joerg Hackmann, Harald Henning & Thomas Quinet

We have many dreams! We are a global company with empowered people – that’s why we dream that in the future PSI Metals will become the place our employees want to call “home”. We want to become the best company to work for. We want our employees to be proud of being in a company that cares about sustainability, gender equality, company culture, etc. We dream that PSImetals, our product, will become an intelligent platform that uses the best technology for our customers and allows us to adapt to new production environments and so much more!  

And to achieve that is there a change in the strategy planned?

Our strategy is not going to change much with the new management - Jörg, Harald and I are just refining the strategy in more detail and bringing in more details about how we see our ability to achieve this. Also our vision stays the same: it is all about our people and products. We believe that by working with great people who want to be in the company and who use a great software product to serve the customer, we create a company we all call home, a company we enjoy being in and where our employees are proud to deliver values to our customers.


Your focus, in addition to your continued responsibility for financials and HR, will be on sales and customer service. What's so appealing to you about it?  

It’s my first love! When I started my career within PSI Metals back in 2001, I started as a Sales executive role which I have been doing for many years before having the chance to contribute to other aspects of the company. 

I have appreciated, in the last years, participating to the growth of the company, specifically leading the product development area and supporting our strategy in this respect. But I am also excited to come back to my first love: establishing partnership and network with our customers in order to see how best we can serve them and help to better produce metals. If I can help our customers to improve the way they are working and make them more efficient, it would be my best reward for the success!