Primetals Technologies and PSI

Industry 4.0 from a single source - Primetals Technologies and PSI cooperate on production management solutions for steel industry.

  • This strategic alliance combines process automation  and production management
  • Customers will receive finely tuned, complete solutions from a single source
  • Goals: Implementation of PSI solutions in existing plants that use equipment from Primetals Technologies, as well as collaboration on modernization projects and the erection of new plants

      Sven Busch, PSI Metals

      What is the customer value of this collaboration?

      Detlef Schmitz, PSI Metals

      Why is Primetals Technologies the right partner for PSI?

      Hans-Jürgen Zeiher, Primetals Technologies

      What are the reasons for the collaboration?

      Kai Ankermann, Primetals Technologies

      Why is PSI the right partner for Primetals Technologies?