Intelligent software for your production.

The production of steel, aluminum and other metals is our customers' core process. If resources are not exploited in the best possible way, a valuable potential opportunity for savings is missed. This is where our PSImetals software solution comes in and optimizes operations wherever plants have to be utilized, quality generated and deadlines adhered to.

Dimensioning production

The manufacture of metals can be characterised by a "Dimensioning Production". A large number of end-product variants are produced from typically a "single" raw material. At each process stage the number of product variants increases generally. PSImetals fulfills the specific and complex demands for the production management of this manufacturing type.

With our experience, we are the world's leader for production management solutions in the metals industry. In joint projects with several universities, PSImetals receives new impetus for optimization applications and current research know-how.

The complex and diverse processes in metals production are fully reflected in PSImetals. With intelligent solutions for planning, manufacturing execution, logistics, automation and plant optimization, we secure competitive advantages for our customers in their markets.

We serve all process levels of metals production.