Production Management Solutions for the Metals Industry

As a manufacturer of steel or non-ferrous products, you ensure your competitive edge by delivering the products to your customers in the agreed quantities and qualities as well as on schedule. PSImetals is the software for production management in the metals industry and supports you in meeting the demands of your customers.

The PSImetals solution line is an end-to-end approach for the overall supply chain caring for all the needs of the metals industry. From your supplier to your customer, PSImetals offers powerful and tailor-made products to support all processes from planning to execution within your supply chain always considering the complexity of metals production.


Planning level to support all planning processes from Business Planning via Production Planning to Detailed Scheduling with PSImetalsPlanning.


Execution level to monitor and control production activities using PSImetals Production.


Assure quality during production using PSImetals Quality.


Level of material- and transport logistic to optimise all transports requested to keep production running, using PSImetals Logistics.


Automated processes for primary metals, secondary metallurgy up to rolling and finishing with PSImetals Automation.


Energy management level using PSImetals Energy.

All information is based on an integrated Factory Model for consistent real time plant status information.

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