Process Automation

To ensure a reproducable and quality assured production a detailed documentation of all process data on plant level is requested.

To use data for the process monitoring and control, for the material tracking and for process optimization in a holistic way PSI offers PSImetalsAutomation as level 2 solution for plant automation.

PSImetalsAutomation provides solutions for all areas of metal production for the

  • Process control and technical management of plants,
  • Acquisition of production and quality data, visualisation and archiving,
  • Material tracking and online quality evaluation,
  • Analysis and evaluation of mass data (Technical Data Warehouse)

Why PSImetals?

„With our operations control system (BLS), we are monitoring and operating the world‘s most advanced coking plant. We chose PSI as the supplier for the system because we have been working successfully with PSI for more than 15 years and because they offered us the most convincing solution.“

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Mr. Peter Liszio

Depending on the process level to be optimised we offer own process models or we integrate models of leading partners into PSImetals. Our customers therefore directly benefit from innovations created in research projects.

PSImetals enables a high degree of automation and standardisation for coke production and ensures always a constant quality level by

  • Transparent coke production processes enabled by a holistic process documentation,
  • Online process control based on latest performance data and process indicators,
  • Online process rating for process costs, production mass and quality aspects,
  • Comply with statutory regulations.

All the data requested for the process control is provided by the Cokemaster® components from ThyssenKrupp Industrial Solutions, e.g. for battery heating control, gas by-product handling, control of chamber wall temperatures and for the pushing and charging schedule.

Our partner for the integration of process models for coking plants:

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PSImetals as production management system for blast furnaces offers an automated, process-driven furnace control including

  • Integrated burden calculation
  • Import of pig-iron and slag analyses
  • Online-setpoints (temperatures, reduction characteristics, fuel-consumption figures a.o.)
  • Free configurable reports and operating figures for the comprehensive documentation of a furnace campaign
  • 100% high availability
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PSImetals offers own process models as well as the integration of process models for steelmaking by the VDEh-Betriebsforschungsinstitut (BFI). The process of steelmaking can therefore be controlled according qualitative and optimized respective energy targets. The aim is to automatically adapt the requested target values for treatment.

  • Charge and alloy calculation
  • Process automation for continuous casting
  • Dynamic process operation for electric arc furnaces (BFI)
  • Dynamic process operation for basic oxygen furnaces (BFI)
  • Process control for all process steps within secondary metallurgy (BFI)

Our partner for the integration of metallurgical process models:


For the modernization of plants and for the integration of existing lines into overall production management solutions PSI also delivers process computers. For all types of lines starting from rolling we enable the automated material tracking and process data acquisition.

PSImetals Automation includes the the following functions:

  • Order management per line via clearly presented and task-driven pda-dialogues
  • Automated material tracking within the line
  • Material status management including validation and rework
  • Linear and time-related data management of measured values
  • Operating time calendar (operating times, shift times, maintenance times)
  • Online target-actual-comparison and setpoints for subordinate process control systems
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Benefit from PSImetals Automation by:

  • Automated and und exact acquisition of material, time and quality data
  • One standard for all lines
  • Self-sufficient operation (e.g. during shut-down of the Level 3 system)

Benefit from the Market Leader for Production Management in Metals

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