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    The PSImetals Service Platform - Discover new possibilities of digitalization.

Digitalization with the PSIbus - Ready for boarding?

The digitalization of the metal industry is a journey. But are the goal and the way clear? Always new possibilities, new technologies and concepts! Selected innovations based on the PSI Java Framework (PJF) were combined to form the new PSImetals Service Platform - the technological basis for the production management of the future.

And the bus? It is our vehicle, our symbol. The digital PSIbus as an important component of the new platform connects all services with each other. The physical PSIbus connects PSI with its customers and partners. Get on board!

Production management of the future - what should it be able to manage?

  • Agile business processes - Industry proven best-practice processes are pre-defined. Changes are made quickly and new processes can be easily created.
  • Smooth implementation - Add new services when needed. Upgrades are trouble-free.
  • Intelligent algorithms - Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Big Data. Hidden correlations become transparent and can be used. Production benefits.

The PSImetals Service Platform - presented at METEC 2019

  • Real-time optimization - Complex algorithms run in the background imperceptibly. Their results enable immediate decisions - at the right time in the right place.
  • How did this happen? - The entire production as a Digital Twin. The basis for detailed and profound quality analyses.
  • Integrated mills worldwide - Services for any environment: in the cloud, as a local data center or for certain plants only.

The PSImetals service platform combines all these requirements for a future-oriented production management system. This way you can use existing PSImetals components and at the same time be ready for future services to be developed.

Never Change a Running System? That's Yesterday!

Learn more in our blog article "No Fear of Changing the Running System", why the mantra "Never change a running system" is loosing currency. | To the blog article

How to Break the Automation Pyramid: 10 Q&A’s Around the PSIbus

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Here we go - The PSIbus on Tour

Departure! From September our PSIbus will go on a European tour. The bus - representing the new PSIbus service bus technology - is equipped with technologies and innovations that are implemented with the new PSImetals service platform. Follow the tour also on LinkedIn or Twitter using #psithejourney.

Previous Stops on our Digital Journey

2019: METEC fair - the PSIbus departs

The digital transformation is a journey that will not be accomplished in a single step. But every journey begins with the first step. And the architecture for an evolutionarily integrated Production Management is our major step on the journey towards digital transformation.

At METEC 2019 we successfully introduced the new PSImetals Service Platform. | Blog Article "No Fear of Changing the Running System"

2017: Industry 4.0 conference - the first one for steel producers

Together with world leading equipment and automation provider Primetals Technologies we have organized a conference on digitalization and its effects for the metals industry – a unique event back then.

In IJmuiden, Netherlands, we jointly researched innovations in Industry 4.0 and digitalization. | Industry 4.0 conference 2017

2015: PSImetals FutureLab - shaping the future

In order to stay in the leading position, we constantly enrich our experience with innovations. To this end, we are continuously working on our software platform to support customer’s business processes in a state-of-the art way.

Shaping the future of metals industry and realizing intelligent production. | PSImetals FutureLab

2009: PSI Java Framework - one platform for all

The PSI Group develops software for various industrial markets. It can act together optimally, whether ERP, MES, logistics or SCADA system - the PSI Java Framework (PJF) as a common basis makes it possible.

The PSI technology platform combines the best of 50 years of software experience of the PSI Group. | PSI Software Technologie »

2005: Courage to the niche - expertise grows

Over the years we have become world’s leader in production management solutions for steel and aluminium producers – based on our strong and mature product: PSImetals.


Competitive advantages for producers: Orders in time and desired quality, taking into account inventories, productivity and costs. | PSImetals Software

1969: Steel digital - from the very beginning

Back in 1969 – in a revolutionary environment – we started our journey towards digitalization of the steel and aluminium industry by using computers for process control in steel production – a revolution and not taken serious these days. | Interview with Helmut Scharle, one of the PSI founders.

From a pioneer in process control to a leading software supplier for optimizing the flow of energy and materials | A historical overview

On the road to the future. Together.