• PSImetals as MES in the long products plant

    Efficient production of steel in the mini mill of NLMK Kaluga

Starting with customer orders from the SAP system, PSImetals handles planning, implementation, quality control as well as logistical handling throughout the entire production chain. There is seamless integration between the ERP and automation levels from the delivery of scrap and alloy materials through to the shipping of the finished products. To enable this, the different automation systems (Siemens VAI, SMS Meer) have been integrated into PSImetals.

In addition to checking compliance with the production plan and customer orders, this integrative approach also centres on the utilisation management of raw and other materials, the entry of production and quality data and plant monitoring.

From the raw material to the steel plant

PSImetals creates combined production orders based on the customer and forecast orders received from the SAP system. Production planning creates an optimised production plan for the casting and rolling line, which combines consistent and even utilisation of the steel and rolling mill and delivery of the finished products to the customer.

The generated casting and rolling plans are passed on to the lower-level production control systems. Before the casting process, PSImetals checks the availability of the raw materials, from registration of the delivery wagons and trucks to the final location of storage. The storage topology includes bunkers, containers, and bulk storage. The integrated weighing technology of the railway wagons and lorries also allows the weight to be recorded directly in the system including any deviations.

A loading plan for each heat is created in accordance with the casting sequence generated from the customer orders. During the furnace loading, the actual transportation of scrap to the basket is registered via touchscreen at the crane terminals. The integrated weight control of the baskets allows the loading progress to be tracked online. It has been possible to automate the process such that shift workers no longer need to be present for weighing.

After the furnace loading, production is checked by the L2 system. PSImetals receives all the necessary information about every production step via a data interface. A heat data sheet is created in PSImetals based on the input data, and the quality of the material is checked. Following the summarising and standardisation, the necessary heat and quality data is automatically sent to the SAP system. NLMK Kaluga can view the ongoing production in the steel plant online via simple web access. The technical personnel can therefore respond to deviations in process data without having to access the subsystems.

NLMK operates a modern mini mill in Kaluga, Russia for the regional and demand-driven supply of steel to the construction industry. For optimal utilisation of the new plant and to ensure efficient production, NLMK relies on state-of-the-art IT systems, and therefore commissioned PSImetals with the installation of an integrated and standardised production management solution. PSImetals oversees vertical and horizontal integration in the electric steel plant and rolling mill equipped with the latest plant technology.

The long products division of the NLMK Group operates a mini mill consisting of electric steel plant (Siemens VAI) and a rolling mill (SMS Meer) at its Kaluga site (near Moscow). The annual plant capacity is around 1.5 million tonnes of billets and 0.9 million tonnes of rolled profiles and wire. The factory employs over 1250 employees and mainly supplies the construction industry in central Russia.

NLMK Kaluga uses the following PSImetals components:

Warehouse logistics for billets

The billets and finished products warehouse is also managed by PSImetals, and this ensures the optimal feed of billets for the rolling mill and shipping of finished products to the customer. Thanks to a configurable topology of storage locations, all material warehouse types can be mapped in the plant. The system also monitors the key position of billets at the location in a stack. All material transportation is displayed and logged using a graphical display of the warehouse at the crane terminals and in the provided Office applications. The execution of all orders and transportation is initiated by PSImetals and only logged in the ERP system.

From the rolling mill to the finished product

Production in the rolling mill begins with the release of the production plan created by PSImetals, and the subsequent automatic transport of the billets from the warehouse to the reheat furnaces. Supply to the furnace is controlled in accordance with the PSImetals production plan. The L2-system in the rolling mill monitors the production process and reports back on each work step performed for each rolled billet, and on each finished product bundle created at the line output. PSImetals creates the following online from the logged data:


  • A material balance sheet per heat works (all charges per heat incl. slag); this is used at ERP level to determine costs,
  • Material usage, rolling, and quality reports,
  • The heat journal as a daily report for the plant management,
  • A summary of the production data, which is sent to the SAP system.

PSImetals also manages sampling, creates test applications, and integrates the laboratory equipment for the feedback of test results. For the shipping of the billets and finished products, the dispatch orders produced in the ERP system are sent to the MES. PSImetals then supports the following processes:


  • Production of transport orders for loading,
  • Creation of shipping documents,
  • Weighing of the means of transport to determine the actual weight of the material to be dispatched,
  • Transfer of the loading results to the SAP system with reference to the customer order item.


Thanks to the integrated PSImetals solution, complete material traceability is ensured starting with raw and primary material receipt through to delivery to the customer. All documents required in the plant with regard to raw material use, quality, production and loading are available online and in paper form at any time. PSImetals forms an integrated MES solution for steel and rolling mills and enables integrated processes from raw material receipt to the shipping of semi-finished and finished products.