Discover PSImetals Release 5.22!

Discover New Features in PSImetals Framework!

The new Framework features in 5.22 include among others Ansible Integration, Fit for Web (PSI Web Enhancements) & Comprehensive Logging Configuration. 

  • Server Installation via Ansible - Optimized Installation & Upgrades

    PSImetals has optimized its installation and upgrades through Ansible which is an open source automation tool for orchestration, general configuration and administration of computers.


    At a glance:

    • Automatic deployment of  application software for server upgrades/initial installations of the PSImetals application server
    • Reduced installation time to 1 day
    • Saved time & money by reducing downtime during upgrades or installations on standard PSI product 
    • Ensured consistency of all servers installed via Ansible 
  • Fit for Web – Web-Based User Interfaces

    PSImetals is now “Fit for Web” - the first web-based user interfaces (webUI) are now available and will be rolled out to further components in the future. These can be embedded in the PSImetals Office GUI and thus guarantee full convenience for desktop users. Additionally, seamless integration enables full interaction between the web screens and the classic screens. WebUI is the ideal solution for PSImetals users working with mobile devices (smartphone, tablet, etc.).

    At a glance:

    • No need for software installation or update by the user
    • No compatibility issues with any hardware and operative system
    • Browser functionalities available, such as favorites, multi-tab, etc.
    • Responsive design for desktop and mobile devices
  • Elastic Stack Integration – Comprehensive Logging Configuration

      In 5.22 PSImetals Service Platform offers simplified troubleshooting via the Elastic Stack. It is a powerful collection of 4 open source tools: Elasticsearch, Logstash, Beats, and Kibana. With the Elastic Stack, the user can perform centralized logging which helps in identifying the issues in logs distinctly. 

      At a glance:

      • Logstash - data processing pipeline which collects logs & events (e.g. message queues, database, files, even data) from Met5 Oracle Database
      • Filebeats - to collect logs from SP Docker containers 
      • Elastic Search - highly scalable open-source full-text search and analytics engine to store logs
      • Kibana - a flexible visualization tool


Discover New Features in PSImetals Planning!

The new Planning features in 5.22 include among others Service Platform – Demand Management & Adaptive Business Flow Improvements, Direct Rolling Scheduling Improvements in Caster Scheduler & Load Formation Optimization in Line Scheduler.

  • Adaptive Business Flows – Configuration in Demand Management & Due Date Quoting Services

    Thanks to enhancements in the Demand Manager service and Service Platform framework components, PSImetals fully supports the implementation of Demand Management and Due Date Quoting business process flows - configured and monitored via the PSIbpm engine.

    At a glance:

    • Management of multiple demand types (sales orders, inquiries, deals, reservations, etc.)
    • Demand confirmation
    • Demand disaggregation & netting
    • ATP/CTP Due Date Quoting
  • Full Flexibility – Functional Improvements in Demand Management

    Additional enhancements in the Demand Manager service simplifies users’ lives: combined with the flexibility of the overall business process configuration provided by PSIbpm, these new functions enable a smooth and fully customizable demand confirmation process and inquiry lifecycle management.


    At aglance:


    • Validation of demand item changes before confirmation
    • Demand event tracking and revision logging
    • Grouped demand evaluation
    • ATP quota edition & transfer
  • Increased Caster Scheduler Capabilities – Direct Rolling Scheduling

    In the continuation of scheduling support for ESP lines, Caster Scheduler has been further enhanced to also support direct rolling scheduling based on multiple casters. 


    At a glance:

    • Ability to drag & drop of tundishes, placement of heats or slabs in between parent casters’ sequences
    • Colored synchronization between rolled coils and parent cast slabs
    • Support of multiple casters in the sequence wizard editor
    • Expanded solver to deal with CSP lines specific constraints

Discover New Features in PSImetals Quality!

The new Quality features in 5.22 include among others Forward Dressing, Multi-Site Management of Quality Standards and two new chart types.

  • Forward Dressing – More Flexibility & Precision

    With the introduction of Forward Dressing, material (re-)allocation has become faster, easier, more flexible and more precise. Forward Dressing also provides more advanced solutions for deviation management, stock management and process optimization.

    With Forward Dressing and Material Production Orders (MatPO), precise solutions for dynamic reactions during production are provided for single input materials or semi-finished products. 


    At a glance:

    • Flexible material allocation for the same Sales Order Item
    • Avoidance/reduction of delivery delays after downgrading
    • Minimization of unallocated stock material
    • Compensation of quality deviations via MU-specific processing
  • Multi-Site Management of Quality Standards

    In case different sites (or divisions) of the same company utilize Order Dressing separately, Multi-site Management offers the possibility of maintaining and updating the master data related to material standards and customer specifications in one centralized repository. This solution reduces the administrative effort for standard updates and guarantees harmonized and actualized standard data throughout the company.

    At a glance:

    • Reduces the administrative effort for standard updates
    • Offers harmonized master data to all company sites or divisions
  • New Charts – Heat Map & Multi-Material Line Chart

    Two new chart types are now available to increase the possibilities of data visualization and comparison. The Heat Map chart visualizes a measurement in form of a color distribution over two dimensions. It is for instance the chart of choice for the visualization of scanning measurements distributed over length and width of flat products, like temperatures, magnetic measurements, flatness etc. The Multi-Material Line Chart enables the comparison of a measurement curve for different material units. 

    At a glance:

    • Better data visualization and comparison
    • Heat Map chart: Ideal for scanning measurements of flat products
    • Multi-Material Line Chart: Ideal for the comparison of the same measurement on different material units 

    Discover New Features in PSImetals Production!

    The new Production features in 5.22 include among others SEM – Direct Rolling Scheduling Improvements, SEM – Integration of Planning Matching Rules & Cutting Plan Calculation and Return Steel Function in OHS.

    • New SEM Screen Type – Support of Direct Rolling Scheduling

      A dedicated SEM screen can be configured to support reactive scheduling functions for Direct Rolling Scheduling lines, consisting of 2 Caster lines continuously feeding a single Hot Mill line.

      At a glance:

      • 2 caster schedules and 1 Hot Mill schedule controlled by a single SEM screen
      • Changes made to scheduled heats on the Caster schedules affect the scheduled slabs in the Hot Mill schedule
      • Changes made to scheduled slabs on the Hot Mill schedule affect the planned output slabs of the Caster schedules
      • The scheduled slabs on the Hot Mill schedule are color coded
      • When a slab is selected on the Hot Mill schedule, the heat that the slab was produced from is highlighted on the Caster schedule
    • SEM Integration of Matching Rules & Cutting Plan Calculation

      With the new material combination screen, planning rules and cutting plan generation logic are now available on the office screen.

      This is particularly useful when order combinations are required on shop floor to allocate an additional material that needs to be added in a production schedule, while respecting basic matching and cutting pattern rules, but without having the time for the full optimization process. 

      At a glance:

      • Combination of one slab could be done in one minute by a shop floor operator
      • Different user levels allow usage of strict or less strict rules
      • Short term reaction in case of deviations is possible
    • Fast Reactivity – Return Steel Function in Online Heat Scheduler

      New context function in OHS Gantt Chart handles heat splitting at the meltshop, before or during casting. As part of exception management, a „Return from Caster“ function is now available in OHS standard to manage a complete or partial heat return from a casting production step. Split heat can be assigned to predefined rework order templates and treatment practices.

      At a glance:

      • Support which eases the daily tasks of operator when deviations occur
      • Fast reactivity - Dynamic re-routing until the very last minute
      • Management of default practices through rework templates
      • Simulation possibilities, through scenarios, with immediate visibility of consequences

    Discover New Features in PSImetals Logistics!

    New Logistics feature in 5.22: Shop Floor Mobile Web App.

    • Shop Floor Mobile Web App

      A newly designed mobile web application supports shop floor operations and is fully synchronized with the corresponding PSImetals component. The web interface with responsive design is the perfect solution for any mobile device: smartphones, tablets and industrial handheld devices.

      At a glance:

      • For Yard-Management, the app offers the visualization of material details and location material lists: The yard operator can create transportation orders and lock/unlock locations
      • To the Shipping operator, the app offers services like load overview and material assignement to the load, as well as means of transport overview (cranes, carriers etc.) and means of transport assignment to the load
      • Stock-Taking gets easier and faster with the customizable guidance of the scanning sequence for plate piles and coils stacks

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