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Time for PSImetals Release 5.20


Designed to Last - Toward Software For a Future-Proof Production Management Solution

To be successful one just needs a framework and a dream: With PSImetals Release 5.20 we are entering a new phase in the evolution of our products! In addition to the new Service Platform (SP), which provides a foundation and is a real milestone for our future developments, 5.20 includes a long list of functional improvements and enhancements such as the Embedded Business Intelligence screens, the AutoTest tool and other features.

  • Analytics Inside - Embedded BI Dashboards


    Introduced in PSImetals Release 5.20, state-of-the-art embedded Business Intelligence (BI) dashboards can now be integrated as part of the PSImetals application screens, improving online visibility and data-driven decision support. Dashboards are easy to edit and configure, without the need for coding or in-depth SQL/query language know-how.


    At a glance:

    • State-of-the-art embedding of BI dashboards within PSImetals screens
    • Online and transparent data synchronization
    • Enhanced visibility and data-driven decision support
    • Sharing of objects selections and filters between BI dashboard and PSImetals based on dedicated APIs
    • Triggering of specific PSImetals actions based on selected BI objects
  • Synchronization of Data Changes - PSImetals AuditTrail


    The framework component AuditTrail provides highly configurable data change auditing functionality, together with a push mechanism to notify potential listeners about the changes. It thereby supports seamless data synchronization and transactional data consistency between two or more PSImetals or 3rd party instances and is a core enabler of co-existing PSImetals solutions, e.g. involving both PSImetals 5 and PSImetals Service Platform components.

    At a glance:

    • Configure source objects to be tracked
    • Configure mapping to target DB tables and attributes
    • Changes to synchronized objects processed through asynchronous & sequential message queuing
  • Every Solution Is as Robust as the Product - PSImetals AutoTest


    With the PSImetals AutoTest framework, fully automated test scenarios can be defined, including the processing of test messages and GUI actions as well as the comparison with preset reference results and the automatic generation of pass/fail test reports. You can define automated tests that correspond to your specific PSImetals business workflows on site. 

    At a glance:

    • On-site customer solution testing minimizes software upgrade side-effects 
    • Efficient and highly automated regression testing
    • Automated error and failure detection

Embrace Flexibility in Production Planning - Toward Improved Support, Flexible Management and Fast Reaction to Changes

Plans are nothing, planning is everything! Browse the new features and enhancements in PSImetals Planning and dive into our world of production planning with PSImetals Caster Scheduler, Demand Manager, Master Planner and SP Reactive Cutting Plan Service. 

  • Enhanced Support of Hot and Direct Charging - PSImetals Caster Scheduler

    PSImetals 5.20 brings substantial enhancements to Caster Scheduler’s model, solvers, and GUI in order to fully support hot/direct charging for all types of mini mills, CSP, and ESP configurations. 

    At a glance:

    • Management of multiple slab types (cold charged, hot charged, or direct charged) and mill rolling sequence as part of the business model
    • A new interactive view displaying the mill rolling sequence, synchronized with parent caster(s) and strand(s)
    • New re-shuffling heuristic and dedicated solver steps to handle a pull-push hot & direct charging cycle
  • New Demand Manager Service Component on PSImetals SP

    PSImetals Demand Manager
    core functions with Release 5.20 are supported by the new web-based PSImetals Service Platform (SP) DM service, which additionally includes an inquiry entry and a management set of functions. At the heart of the Demand & Sales Planning functional processes, PSImetals SP DM service can be seamlessly integrated with Order Dressing, S&OP and DDQ components to respectively verify inquiries feasibility and dress their possible production routes, ask for ATP quota calculation, and trigger ATP/CTP checks.


    At a glance:


    • Seamless integration of PSImetals Demand Manager to any business workflow
    • All order acceptance business processes are coordinated through the PSIbus and the PSIbpm engine
    • Business workflows can be monitored and adapted, e.g. by adding a user interaction task
  • Flexible Management of Flow Constraints - PSImetals Master Planner

    With the introduction of a new concept of the "time bucket range", it is now possible in PSImetals Master Planner to define independent cumulative flow constraints for several time windows. Instead of a unique calculation of the cumulative flows - globally or by product - from the beginning of the planning horizon, the cumulative flow at the beginning of each bucket range or time window is reset to zero and the minimum and maximum cumulative flow constraints only apply within the time bucket range in which they are defined.


    At a glance:

    • The possibility to define flow constraints on bucket ranges (instead of single buckets)
    • Enhanced support of order acceptance tracking in separate months within Master Planner's Due Date Quoting (DDQ) engine implementations 

  • New Reactive Cutting Plan Service Component on PSImetals SP

    As one of the first services developed based on the PSImetals Service Platform (SP), the PSImetals SP Reactive Cutting Plan Service (RCS) allows a close to real-time re-optimization of casting cutting plans in reaction to production deviations predictions/alerts received from the caster’s process control system. 


    The RCS service works online and includes its own algorithm and in-memory data model kept up-to-date with the latest cutting plan and order book status from the production management system, allowing for a fast re-optimization of cutting plans upon request from process control. 


    At a glance:

    • Reduced number of unallocated slabs, due to the possibility for late changes (e.g. order swap)
    • Reaction to events within one minute

Embark on the Journey With Future Proof Quality Management - Toward Advanced Quality Evaluation and Flexible Defect Management

There is no place for modesty when it comes to quality! Several enhancements in PSImetals Quality have been implemented for better monitoring and evaluation of quality processes and compensation for identified defects. 

  • Ensure an Optimal Quality Evaluation - QI Simulation

    As the final quality of a material is affected by numerous factors, it is essential to continuously monitor quality decisions, QIs, and their rule sets. In some cases, it may be necessary to adapt the applied rule sets in order to ensure improvements in the assessment of QIs and the resulting quality decisions. In PSImetals Release 5.20, we introduce the new PSImetals QI Simulation functionality allowing you to test different QI rule sets and simulate their effect on the quality evaluation based on historical production and quality data! 

    At a glance:

    • Testing of different QI rule sets
    • Simulation of QI effect on quality evaluation
    • Comparison of simulations
    • Adoption of QI rules and functions
    • Activation of new rule set
  • Anticipating Material Correction During Production - Future Rework

    Quality problems occurring during production sometimes require additional production steps. Besides the insertion of an additional production step and the modification of subsequent production parameters, PSImetals Release 5.20 offers a further possibility to compensate for identified defects: the Future Rework functionality. It enables you to plan a rework step after certain scheduled production steps and lets the system create an additional material-related production order describing the changed future production route up to the final quality decision. 

    At a glance:

    • Creation of rework steps for affected material
    • Adopt and modify Future Rework route at anytime during production 
    • Consideration of actual/expected material condition
  • The Quality Is Only as Good as the Applied Production Processes’ Quality - SPC

    With Release 5.18, PSImetals already provided a basic functionality for Statistical Process Control (SPC). Release 5.20 goes one step further, introducing advanced process control in the form of 3 new dialogues inside SPC GUI. Hereby we extend the well-known SPC tool for qualified process control and analysis by SPC Issue Tracking functionality providing an overview of all detected process deviations that happened within the last time period. 

    At a glance:

    • SPC Issue Tracking: Monitoring and controlling of process issues 
    • Overview of detected process deviations: View all irregularity messages according to the filter settings of the selected parameters
    • Graphic illustration of Manual- and Auto Control Chart: More intuitive utilization

Visualize & Materialize Flexible Production Processes - Toward Agile Management, Improved User Interactivity and Essential Individual Expertise

Let us further support you in your daily work! Check out newly introduced and enhanced features in PSImetals Production such as Schedule Execution Management, Online Heat Scheduling, Optional Production Sequence and 3D Graphics. 

  • Agile Management of Hot Rolling Schedules - PSImetals SEM


    A new screen dedicated to hot rolling mill scheduling is provided to PSImetals Schedule Execution Management (SEM) component, including the visualization of rolling schedule attributes profile through proportional cell background colorization and a specific slab pile view. This screen helps adapting schedules with minimized impact on slab assignment quality and unpiling.

    At a glance:

    • New screen dedicated to hot rolling mill schedule management, including a special pile view
    • Slab to order assignments can be swapped to minimize unpiling movements
    • Visual alerts inform on assignment feasibility based on evaluation of matching rules
  • Usability Improvements - PSImetals OHS

    Improved user interactivity is brought to PSImetals Online Heat Scheduler (OHS) through drag & drop support of heat production order steps to alternative resources in the Gantt Chart.

    The usability improvement complements the existing functions that allow a heat PO step to be fixed to a specific production line.

    At a glance:

    • Heat PO line assignment can now directly be changed via drag & drop within OHS Gantt chart
    • Dedicated green markers indicate if destination line is a possible alternative
    • Once the heat PO step is dropped to its new resource an automatic workload adjustment is then triggered
  • Individually Decide the Order of Inline Processes per Material

    In production, there are cases in which machines cannot assess the actual material condition and on-site personnel expertise is irreplaceable. For this type of situation we have developed the Optional Production Sequence (OPS) function in Release 5.20.

    The OPS function allows for the definition of mandatory processes in the line that the material must run through before continuing to the next step while also enabling the shop floor experts to make optional production process decisions individually for each material item if needed.

    At a glance:

    • For cases where the expertise of the personal is irreplaceable and where the exactly needed production step is difficult to pre-plan
    • For optimal processes per individual material
    • Manual decision per material: order of process steps & how often to pass a machine
  • New Possibilities of 3D Graphic Integration

    Already in PSImetals Release 5.18 is integration of 3D graphics into yard management to provide you a simple and intuitive overview of the yard. With the new Release 5.20 comes the freedom to integrate 3D graphics into nearly all PSImetals screens to support your daily work further! 

    Thanks to PSI Click Design technology, 3D graphics can be easily integrated in almost every PSImetals office or web screen. The already existing 3D side view in Production Control, Yard Control and Material Management are now more configurable so color and perspectives of graphics can be individually designed.

    At a glance:

    • Highly configurable 3D side view in Production Control, Yard Control & Material Management
    • Easy integration in office & web screens
    • Color configurability of graphic’s design
    • Easy integration in screens by Click Design

Go Mobile - Toward Flexibility and Comfort at the Workplace

Visualizing information gives a very quick solution to problems. So does a major enhancement in PSImetals Logistics - the Crane Terminal Visualization on handheld!

  • Support for Crane Operators - Crane Terminal Visualization on Handheld

    With the new PSImetals Release 5.20, crane operators are now able to see the same crane views on their mobile devices that PSImetals users were already able to see in the Office GUI. 

    Supported by 3D graphics, crane operators can easily find material and see its details. The low and flexible hardware requirements allow the crane yard view to be used with various available devices without having to install a full Windows client on the computer in the crane cabin.

    At a glance:


    • Identical crane view on handheld as in office GUI
    • Support in the daily work of a crane operator in searching for material and displaying the information

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