• Logistics to get materials going

    Software to optimize warehouse and transport management between lines and plants

Be it slabs, tubes, heavy plates, billets, coils or other products - the PSImetals Logistics software optimizes product stocks, supports the improved utilization of existing warehouse capacities, optimizes all internal transports at both ends of production facilities, and makes decisions for the optimum use of the means of transport available in each case.

Therefore costs can be reduced and the throughput can be increased by an optimized warehouse and transport management between lines and plants.

The following areas are covered:

  • Transport Management

  • Yard Management

  • Shipping, planning and execution

  • Material location tracking

  • Planning logistics networks

Available for:

  • Flat products: slabs, heavy plates and coils

  • Long products: tubes, billets, wire rods and others

100% accurate inventory
10% throughput increase
99% line availability
100% location tracking

Intuitive User Guidance, Faster Workflows

  • Ensure precise material locating and tracking
  • Minimize material movements
  • Provide the feeding of material to the lines in time
  • Increase throughput by optimizing transport decisions
  • Reduce downtimes
  • Monitor business processes by logistic KPI's
  • Achieve flexibility in storage strategies
  • Support automated production (e.g. automatic cranes)

Material Location Tracking with PSImetals

  • Transport management for different material types and units
  • Access to material position in the yard at any time
  • Process guidance with technical instructions
  • Embeddable radar applications, load detections, bar code scan, etc.

Yard Management with PSImetals

  • Yard overview allowing position check for all materials at any time
  • Tracking of means of transport in the yard
  • Extendable full yard configuration
  • Logical grouping of locations according to their usage

Transport Management with PSImetals

  • Configurable rules to organize transports depending on material characteristics, availability, schedules and vehicles
  • Resulting in minimized transports and higher throughput of the material
  • In-time supply to lines by transport prioritization

Shipping Planning & Execution with PSImetals

  • Management of shipping orders
  • Automatic material assignment
  • Loading execution according to transport rules
  • Optimization of external transports to customers and service centers

Planning & optimizing logistics networks with PSIglobal

  • Analysis and evaluation of existing or planned logistics structures
  • Creation of virtual future scenarios
  • Overview of all logistics costs
  • Link to free OSM geographic data
  • Calculation of optimal logistics service provider mix
    WHY PSI?

    Benefit from the Market Leader for Production Management in Metals

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    • Optimized for metal specific yards and transports, like piling and stacking of plates, slabs, coils, etc.
    • More than 45 years of experience with logistic systems in the metals industry combined with PSI's expertise for transparent material flows and efficient logistics management
    • Standalone or fully integrated in the PSImetals product family for a comprehensive production management combining SCM, APS and MES
    • Standard interfaces for location tracking systems (e.g. Radar Systems, GPS)
    • Full access of all services by mobile devices
    • Artificial Intelligence at PSI: Choosing the best mix for industrial questions combining Neural Networks, advanced Fuzzy Logic and Operations Research
    • Java-based software technology for a high configurability and intuitive user interfaces including 2D or 3D visualization, optimized for daily tasks in steel and aluminum production

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