In nature, everything is connected.
Even the smallest event can make a difference.

Modern energy and production processes act like complex and digitally interlinked ecosystems. The symbiosis of planning, production and energy management is the root of a sustainable supply chain.

Discover here how you can ensure your competitive advantage through a sustainable supply chain!

Explore the nature of your supply chain!

Do you want to know how you can improve the sustainability of your supply chain? Then follow our campaign "Explore the Nature of Your Supply Chain - Smart Plans for Sustainable Metals Production", including a series of informative blog articles and exclusive webinars. So that you too can leave the road, take the trails and join us in exploring the nature of your supply chain!

Reduce Waste & Minimize Energy

Learn how the planning solution can improve these goals and how you can forecast energy consumption when scheduling your plant.

Recorded webinar "The Root of Sustainable Metals Production: Reduce Waste & Minimize Energy" - Request the recording of the webinar

Optimize Inventory Levels & Minimize Lead Times

Open up new potentials in smart inventory replenishment and product & network design.

Recorded webinar "The Metamorphosis Toward Smart Replenishment: Optimize Inventory Levels and Minimize Lead Times" - Request the recording of the webinar

Planning 4.0 for the User 4.0

The system of the future must be intelligent, integrated, responsive, but also adaptive and collaborative. How do you get there?

Recorded webinar "The Evolution Towards a Collaborative and Service-Oriented Ecosystem: Planning 4.0 for the User 4.0" - Request the recording of the webinar

AI-Driven Scheduling & Smart Agents

Dive into the world of AI and smart agents!

Recorded webinar "The Synthesis of Autonomous and Adaptive Scheduling: AI-Driven Scheduling & Smart Agents" - Request the recording of the webinar

Media Center

KPI-Driven Production Planning

Robert Jäger, Product Manager

Blog: KPI-Driven Production Planning - How to Optimize a Supply Chain?

Workshop: Balance your business KPI goals

Detlef keeps people
from Working

Interview: Jérémy Coppe, Head of the Competence Center Planning


Blog: The Vision of Sustainable Production Planning

Research & Development Projects

HyMAS - Hybrid Multi-Agent System for self-regulating steel production (partners: PUMACY & TU Berlin)

Demand & Sales Planning

  • Medium and long term sales planning
  • Profit optimization by allocating demand to appropriate production sites/lines
  • Sales quota for order promising process
  • Online due date quoting

Flow & Order Planning

  • Optimal trade-off between service level, inventory performance and capacity utilization
  • Optimized product mix and order plan considering alternative routings and multiple sites

Order & Line Scheduling

  • Cross plant order scheduling
  • Hot charging optimization
  • Throughput optimization for different lines
  • Seamless integration with production execution

Material Planning

  • Net demand calculation
  • Optimized inventory order assignments considering specifics as material flow constraints, matching criteria, stock and logistic constraints
  • Support of decoupling points and vendor managed inventory strategies

You Have Defined IT Processes for Planning and Scheduling?

Here the PSImetals Service Platform comes in

  • Easily integrate services such as artificial intelligence
  • Java-based software technology for a high configurability and intuitive user interfaces
  • Certified SAP integration and optimized interfaces

Why does the classic IT level pyramid reach its limits at Big Data?


Align Customer Orders with Your Production

  • Reduce throughput times

  • Minimize WIP inventory levels

  • Improve product qualities through better respect of scheduling constraints

  • Optimize order combinations

  • Maximize through-process yield

  • Increase efficiency in the planning processes

  • Edit plans and schedules easily

  • React fast to plan deviations

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