• Ensuring Delivery Reliability for Your Customers

    KPI Driven Planning & Scheduling

Scheduling of Flow Order Planning

Companies in the metal producing industries are facing increasing customer requirements in terms of product diversity, delivery capability, on-time delivery and constant quality whilst cost pressure continues to increase.

Meeting today’s demand and market requirements is becoming an increasing challenge for planners.

Through its KPI-driven and integrative approach, PSImetals Planning software allows optimizing plans and schedules based on dynamic business objectives, covering the whole lifecycle from sales to production order to the finished product over all process stages in metals production.

The following areas are covered:

  • Demand and Sales Planning

  • Flow and Order Planning

  • Order and Line Scheduling

  • Material Planning and Net Demand Calculation

Specific modules support:

  • Integrated and collaborative planning across multiple sites, yards and time horizons
  • Multiple demand fulfillment strategies: make-to-stock, make-to-order
  • KPI-driven balancing of conflicting goals and support of “what-if” scenarios
80% better date fulfillment
25% more OTIF delivery
10% higher productivity
20% less lead time

Align Customer Orders with Your Production

  • Reduce throughput times

  • Minimize WIP inventory levels

  • Improve product qualities through better respect of scheduling constraints

  • Optimize order combinations

  • Maximize through-process yield

  • Increase efficiency in the planning processes

  • Edit plans and schedules easily

  • React fast to plan deviations

Demand & Sales Planning

  • Medium and long term sales planning
  • Profit optimization by allocating demand to appropriate production sites/lines
  • Sales quota for order promising process
  • Online due date quoting

Flow & Order Planning

  • Optimal trade-off between service level, inventory performance and capacity utilization
  • Optimized product mix and order plan considering alternative routings and multiple sites

Order & Line Scheduling

  • Cross plant order scheduling
  • Hot charging optimization
  • Throughput optimization for different lines
  • Seamless integration with production execution

Material Planning

  • Net demand calculation
  • Optimized inventory order assignments considering specifics as material flow constraints, matching criteria, stock and logistic constraints
  • Support of decoupling points and vendor managed inventory strategies

KPI-driven, proactive production management for decision makers

Running a metals plant means to manage a variety of interactions between many options. Daily, hundreds of decisions based on production data, reports and KPIs have to be made by different stakeholders.

The Qualicision®-Inside approach will help you to manage your production processes by optimizing your KPIs and resolving conflicts between them.


Benefit from the Market Leader for Production Management in Metals

Planning: Component Module
  • Holistic planning - from melt shop to shipping, from demand planning to detailed scheduling
  • KPI-driven planning: planning calculation adapted to customer specific and dynamic business goals
  • Support of multiple demand fulfillment models: make-to-order, make-to-stock, vendor managed inventories, etc.
  • Central repository of planning rules and priorities
  • Standalone or fully integrated in the PSImetals product family for a comprehensive production management combining SCM, APS and MES
  • Artificial Intelligence at PSI: Choosing the best mix for industrial questions combining Neural Networks, advanced Fuzzy Logic and Operations Research
  • Java-based software technology for a high configurability and intuitive user interfaces, optimized for planner’s daily tasks

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