"To adapt the VSB solution at a maximum to the PSImetals-standard has resulted in minimal customising efforts whilst enabling the fulfilment of time and costs targets at the same time."

Carlos Matuck
Project Manager, VSB

New Challenges

VSB now starts to achieve the expected goals in a short time by operating with the new production management systems, providing all the support necessary to the high performance and company success.

Genealogie of the produced product - Source: VSB

Valuable Experiences

Some lessons learned with MES project until now will probably be helpful for future projects at VSB.

Role of Key-Users & Training: To have the availability and engagement of the key-users with the project is very important. Furthermore the key-users have been involved in the specification validation as a good specification is the key for success. They were also responsible for the test plan execution and evaluation. The training of the VSB IT team after the specification was really helpful to understand the PSImetals software.

Project management: During the development phase the scope of supply was under control to adjust the VSB needs with the available standard functions of PSImetals. There has been always a high respect of the cost and agreed dates. A supplier has to be able to have high adaptability and commitment with the success of the project, he needs to provide a good knowledge of the metal industry as well as to have the responsiveness to react in case of project deviations. All those have been assured by PSI.

Software & technology: There was a maximum adaption of the VSB solution to the PSImetals and SAP standard. The adopted technology (NW PI, ABAP, Java etc.) was a domain from the project team; problems are therefore easy to be solved. The test plan was oriented to business processes and not to IT use cases.

Tight time schedule

The schedule for the specification and implementation was initially very tight, only seven months to deliver the necessary plant-specific features, but thanks PSImetals it was possible to be achieved. The project: The project started end of March in 2010 with a kick-off meeting.

Only two months later, end of May, the specification was delivered and accepted after two further weeks. A test system for all interfaces as well as a preconfigured system was provided by PSI during summer time. The tests for the final acceptance started in early October 2010 and in the same month the final approval for the factory acceptance test has been successfully confirmed by VSB.

The commissioning: The first cycle of the commissioning phase started in June 2011, the second cycle is in operation since November 2011. Therefore the project is nowadays in the second commissioning phase in the VSB Plant, where tests with real production events are under execution to assure that all the functionalities are running as projected and filling the user needs.

Author: Carlos Matuck, Project Manager, VSB,

Case Study: PSImetals at Vallourec Sumitomo do Brazil

1st class Pipe Mill VSB in favour for a 1st class production

To support the Plant IT needs, VMB/ VSB and PSI are implementing, with the partnership of VLR IT Europe, a solution based on PSImetals, that combines on one hand the benefits of an approved standard solution like configurability, extensibility and flexibility and on the other hand provides the necessary plant-specific features considering the particular conditions and constraints of Vallourec & Sumitomo do Brasil. The MES should cover the basic functionality necessary to support the production process bringing the following benefits:

  • Warehouse management;
  • Production Order preparation;
  • Production execution and production data acquisition;
  • Tracking and traceability piece-based;
  • The integration between the several automation and control systems, laboratories, PIMS and corporative systems;
  • Provide the genealogic view of the products, allowing the piece analysis and surveys in several ways.

Why VSB has chosen PSI?

  • PSI Metals (founded as a subsidiary of the Steel Institute VDEh, Germany) was from the very beginning focused on the management of production processes in steel plants;
  • There are long term many positive experiences in the Vallourec Group with PSI and its expertise in production management systems for Metals;
  • PSI has a very high reactivity and potential to integrate necessary resources when any problems occur;
  • PSI’s solution for VSB was based on their standard solutions for steel making and pipe mills, which have been developed based on the experiences from many projects and which have demonstrated added values in many companies;
  • We are convinced that the project with PSI decreased the risk level to a minimum.

Vallourec Sumitomo do Brazil (VSB) is a producer of seamless steel tubes with highest quality demands to be introduced for the area of petroleum production. To support the company success with state-of-the-art information technology VSB decided to introduce a production management system based on PSImetals.