Your steel or aluminium production is stormy?

The satisfaction of your customers is declining?

Your production costs increase due to missed quality expectations?

Increase your produced quality with the help of digitalization and finally enjoy the silence of a smooth shopfloor!

Come with us into the world of silence.

With our campaign "Enjoy the Sound of Silence" we present the chances and possibilities of current technologies around quality management. Exciting blog articles and exclusive webinars provide new insights.

Fading Out the Noise with Big Data

What quality data tells you about your production and how to see the big picture despite different data sources.

Recorded webinar "The Power of Industrial Intelligence" - Request the recording of the webinar

Holistic Silence

Open up new potentials in quality management through a holistic approach to quality evaluation.

Recorded webinar "PSImetals Quality - Advanced Quality Evaluation feat. QI" - Request the recording of the webinar

Analytics Rethought

Why are target-actual comparisons not sufficient for quality evaluation?

Webinar "Root Cause Analytics Reloaded"
Learn how established methods can bring added value by using latest technology.

Learn to Read Coils

The groundbreaking concept of coil traceability via material-specific DNA will be presented.

Recorded webinar "CoilDNA or better call the Internet-of-Metals" - Request the recording of the webinar

To Watch & Listen

Define Your Quality - From Order to Product Design

Gunther Schober, Consultant

Define Your Quality - From Order to Product Design

Gunther Schober, Consultant

Manage Production Deviations Easily

Ira Vollenberg, Product Manager

Manage Production Deviations Easily

Ira Vollenberg, Product Manager

Examples for Predicitive Quality

Possibilities using AI

Examples for Predicitive Quality

Possibilities using AI

Artificial Intelligence in PSImetals Quality

Predict the quality

For Further Reading

Predict defects

Using AI technologies like Big Data and machine learning in a meaningful way...

Get started with AI

Setting up an AI model correctly so that quality is reliably predicted...

Integrated Analytics

Integrate stateof-the-art BI dashboards (business intelligence) into PSImetals screens...

Advanced Quality Management

Quality holistically thought with the concept of quality indicators...

The “KIKA-IPK” Project

The objective is to develop an AI cognition-supported assistance system for in-process control...

Quality Indicators

It’s what’s inside that matters - discovering hidden features with Quality Indicators...

You Have Defined IT Processes for Quality Management?

Here the PSImetals Service Platform comes in

  • Easily integrate services such as artificial intelligence or quality indicators
  • Java-based software technology for a high configurability and intuitive user interfaces
  • Certified SAP integration and interfaces optimized for quality data

Why does the classic IT level pyramid reach its limits at Big Data and thus also in quality analyses?

Order Dressing

  • Holistic product design
  • Transformation of incoming sales orders to technical processes and quality instructions
  • Centralized business knowledge base

Quality Control

  • Real time quality control based on current quality data as well as on historical data
  • Detailed defect tracking and projection along the genealogy
  • Highly configurable rules for detection and early prediction of defects
  • Specialized functionally for quality control in the melt shop
  • Fuzzy Logic based quality decisions

Deviation Management

  • Immediate handling of quality deviations by seamless integration with production control
  • Rule based detection of current quality issues
  • Manual or automatic in-and-after-process control
  • Automated generation of rework or adjustment of further PDI data

Quality Management

  • Support of continuous improvement processes by providing high agility in the closed loop of definition of quality targets, control of process results and adjusting of targets
  • Documentation of the whole process for certification requirements
  • Support of zero-defect-strategies by embedded predictive maintenance via statistical process control (SPC)

Plan, Control and Achieve Quality Targets

  • Quality management from primary metals to finishing
  • Process control from upstream to downstream facilities
  • Complete product tracing for quality certification and proof of production history
  • User friendly handling via graphical visualization, configurable views and analysis
  • Optimized for daily tasks in steel and aluminum production
  • AI at PSI: Best mix for industrial questions combining Neural Networks, advanced Fuzzy Logic and Operations Research
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