The “KIKA-IPK” Project: AI Cognition-Supported Assistance System for In-Process Control in Manufacturing

The objective of the joint-PSI project is to develop an AI cognition-supported assistance system for in-process control (KIKA-IPK) which facilitates a more resource-efficient process and material configuration through self-learning image feature correlations with process properties. The experience and knowledge of a machine operator in connecting both visual quality features as well as process properties is modeled by machine learning methods.

The project aims to develop an assistance system that facilitates a more resource-efficient target configuration of process parameters by mapping optical quality features of the product and its process variables in an AI model during manufacturing. For the machine learning process, optical image features, such as surface texture, weld pool, droplets and meniscus, as well as associated process data for the addressed additive manufacturing processes are provided by the application partners via a cloud interface. The AI model is demonstrated for two application scenarios: additive metal deposition welding and drop-on-demand processes for personalized drug printing, following closely to production conditions.

The approach will allow systematic recognition of required cognitive human capabilities in reaction to deviations in additive manufacturing, correlation from trained experiential knowledge of actors with process characteristics and initiation of adequate measures in real time via machine control with transfer to the machine capabilities of AI. The innovative aspect of the presented solution approach that goes beyond the state of the art therefore consists of machine recognition of new quality characteristics, correlation to relevant process characteristics with corresponding process manipulated variables, and the appropriate adjustment of these manipulated variables via the process signals.

Specific project goals of PSI

  1. Prototypical development of a new "PSImetals SP" - based KIC service framework component (KIC - Artificial Intelligence Cloud).

    PSI Metals's primary objective is to prototype a novel AI cloud framework component for generic, standardized integration and model management of third-party KIC services with assistance tools based on the new Industrial 4.0 software service platform "PSImetals SP".
  2. Prototype development of a novel, configurable graphical user interface for KIC service users (dispatchers and machine operators).

    The second objective is the prototyped implementation of the end user functions for AI cognition support based on the PSImetals WebUI framework component.
  3. Identify metrics for measuring the performance of AI services.

    The third objective is to conceptualize and prototype a metrics framework through the application and visualization of metrics to quantify the suitability, performance and robustness of the KIC services and models.


Contact person

Michael Schulze
Quality Management Representative
Dircksenstraße 42-44
10178 Berlin
Telephone: +49 30 2801 - 1869

Project Partner