Becoming a PSImetals expert!

The PSImetals Academy offers various courses to get to know and to be able to use the PSImetals products in an optimal way.

PSImetals Academy/eLearning

With our PSImetals Academy/eLearning program the students benefit from maximum freedom: learn when you like, where you like and as fast as you like!

Selected topics that fit into the “do-it-yourself” approach are prepared in a way that allows our students to acquire either first insights into a new topic or further in-depth insights into an already well-known field. Therefore we are offering two types of eLearning courses: 

  • “First Insights”

  • “Deep Knowledge”

Our eLearning offers at a glance

The eLearning trainings are executed fully online based on a mature Learning Management System. After receiving the invitation to the platform via E-Mail the student can access the learning platform either via smartphone, tablet or Office PC. The invitation E-Mail includes all relevant information that is necessary to start immediately.

GUI Configuration

Level: Beginner
Basic GUI Configuration with PSImetals

Learn how to fully use all the intended features of the PSImetals office GUI