PSImetals Academy/eLearning - Basic GUI Configuration with PSImetals

Basic GUI Configuration with PSImetals

Being comfortable with how to interact with the PSImetals Java-based Graphical User Interface (GUI) is an important skill when using its business functions. With this course, users learn about the basic navigation and configuration options of the PSImetals GUI based on the PSI Metals Java Framework (PJF), which is used for many applications by PSI. The knowledge and skills obtained from this course can be directly put to use in the users’ environment as the same topics can be applied to almost any Metals Java-based GUI.

  • This course is especially intended for potential or existing PSI key users, from beginner to expert
  • Prerequisites: no previous PSImetals knowledge is necessary and there are no prerequisites to be able to attend this course; this module is a prerequisite for all other production management office GUI standard introduction training modules

During the course you will learn basic navigation functions and how to configure the appearance of the screens including the following topics:

  • table layouts
  • sorting, grouping & aggregation
  • color appearance
  • filter presets
  • screen and filter layouts
DurationApprox. 2 hours
Target GroupFirst Insights
Price120 Euro per student
Continued Access12 months after Order