Becoming a PSImetals expert!

The PSImetals Academy offers various courses to get to know and to be able to use the PSImetals products in an optimal way.

PSImetals Academy/Online

Similar to our classroom training packages we offer pre-configured training modules along selected business cases. In addition to that we offer expert classes on specific topics - specific and compact. Please make your choice from the topics further down or ask for your individual training package.

The trainings are executed fully online but unlike eLearning interactively. In groups of maximum 10 trainees with 1 or 2 PSI trainers every trainee is working with its own Metals Virtual Factory environment. Our trainers are giving conceptual insights as well as guidance through the pre-configured hands-on exercises.

How does the remote training work?

Our online offers at a glance

Our Online courses compact have a scope of up to 4 hours and inform about a single, self-contained topic. They are available for three learning levels: beginner, advanced, expert.

Course dates can be found directly below the course overview.

Configuration of Actions

Level: Advanced
Configuration of Actions on Screens

Learn how to configure a generic action dialog fitting to your needs

Inventory Counting

Level: Advanced
Inventory Counting

Learn how to count and reconcile physical inventory with the help of PSImetals

Population View

Level: Beginner
Population View

Learn how to use the features of the population views in PSImetals Planning

Online Heat Scheduling

Level: Expert
Online Heat Scheduling

Learn how to adapt schedules to react to production issues while guaranteeing the continuous supply of heats to the Continuous Casting Line

GUI Navigation

Level: Beginner
Basic GUI Configuration

Learn how to fully use all the intended features of the PSImetals office GUI 

Deviation Management

Level: Advanced
Deviation Management

Learn how to perform actions on material after production occurs in response to quality deviations

The next dates for online courses

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Our extended online courses offer the same content as our classroom packages, just online! The pre-configured training modules train you along selected business cases. Each seminar has a scope of up to several days.

We will be happy to organise the extended online courses for you on request. Please make the appropriate selection in the form on the respective training page.


Production Planning with PSImetals

From Customer Demand to Scheduled Production


Melt Shop Production with PSImetals

From Melting to Casting


Yard & Transport Management with PSImetals

From Material Receipt to Shipping


Metal Production with PSImetals

From Production Preparation to Shipping


Quality Management for Solid Products with PSImetals

From Sample Planning to Usage Decision


PSImetals Configuration

Customizing Screens & Interfaces


PSImetals Framework

Configuration of Infrastructure for Projects

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