PSImetals Academy/Online - Deviation Management

Deviation Management with PSImetals

Learn how to perform actions on material after production occurs in response to quality deviations. 

  • This course is especially intended for existing PSI users and those performing quality operations after production (e.g. shop floor managers, quality users and managers), from beginner to expert
  • Prerequisites: basic PSI GUI knowledge, basic PSI production knowledge, detailed quality business knowledge

During the course you will learn:

  • Defect Master Data (Define defects and their deviation qualities)
  • Deviation actions such as blocking, unblocking, regrading, conditional release, rework, deallocation, scrapping (related to quality), etc.
  • detailed instructions on rework template creation and rework through automation rules
  • to target Actual Comparisons - create TAC’s for automatic  post-production defect assignment
Duration4 hours
Target group Advanced
Price290 Euro
Participantsmax. 5

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