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Online Heat Scheduling with PSImetals

Learn how to adapt schedules in the Meltshop plant in order to react to production issues by guaranteeing the continuous supply of heats to the Continuous Casting Line.  

  • This course is especially intended for users of PSImetals Meltshop, PSImetals Caster Scheduler, and users who perform adjustments of line schedules during Production Execution
  • Prerequisites: knowledge about Continuous Caster requirements, knowledge aboout planning production steps and  production issues in the Meltshop, basic GUI know how, basic knowledge on how to use Gantt Charts

During the course you will learn:

  • objectives of OHS
  • how to model production restrictions
  • Gantt Chart visualization
  • managing downtimes and line breakdowns
  • Reactive Scheduling in the Gantt Chart
  • Deviation Management
Duration3 hours
Target group Expert level
Price290 Euro
Participantsmax. 8

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