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With digitalization and decarbonization driving efficient production and business growth, metals producers need experts to help them tailor a step-by-step transformation plan. Our consultants are there to assist you!

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Optimize Your Business with
Excellent Expert Consulting Services:

  • Identify pain points and opportunity areas from both solution and business process perspective
  • Define to-be business processes and solution architecture, including ERP, PCS, MES, APS systems, and AI solutions
  • Incorporate digitalization & Industry 4.0 technology/advancements where realistic and feasible to ensure an intelligent and future-proof solution
  • Build digital roadmap
  • Calculate the return on investment for the selected projects
  • Define a rollout strategy to upgrade the current legacy systems with a solution that is easily configurable, adaptable to changing business needs and supportable well into the future
  • Support organizational change management activities throughout the project to ensure the project success


For Decision Makers In:

  • Planning & Scheduling
  • Production
  • Quality
  • Sales
  • Purchasing

Our consultants conduct Master Plan Study methodology within 6 to 14 weeks based on the scope and provide you a realistic and feasible solution including a roadmap for the execution of projects to achieve the intended outcome.

Our Methodology for Master Plan Study

Step 1: Current State Evaluation

Understand the as-is situation through questionnaire and onsite/online workshop.

During the as-is discussions, list the findings and opportunities for improvement.

Step 2: Concept of "To be" Business Process and IT Solution Architecture

Define and discuss to-be business process concept and solution map by taking into account the digital future and benchmarks from pioneers.

Step 3: Business Case ROI Evaluation

Calculate the ROI for the selected projects/opportunities.

Step 4: Roadmap Definition

Define project steps, timeline, assumptions under different scenarios and dependencies on other projects such as SAP upgrade, new automation etc.

Change Management Concept
Change Management Concept © PSI Metals

Our consultants work closely with the key stakeholders, starting from early stages to build the transformation roadmap together, which ensures their approval and overall adoption. During implementation projects, PSI consultants support customer’s change management activities through initial trainings, after which the team conducts a survey among the key users to measure their acceptance level of the solution. 

We recognize that change management is as important as technical transformation and we ensure that:

  • All project team embrace the initiative and be engaged during the entire period.
  • The users adopt the solution, as early as possible.
  • The users are not only able to simply use the system, but also use it in a way that will benefit from it at most.
  • Create Value. Together.

    Increasing Confidence for Successful Project Execution

We Will Help You Answer Questions Like:

  • Where are my pain points today?
  • Where are my improvement areas and opportunities?
  • What have others done to overcome them?
  • What will the digital future look like?
  • How will the process improvements be achieved?
  • What are appropriate KPIs to measure current and future performance?
  • What is the financial impact of the proposed improvements?



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