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TechTalks - Colleagues Explaining the World of PSImetals

Explaining issues relating to the topic of production management in an interesting and readily understandable way by not using tools such as PowerPoint or the PSImetals software itself - this is the concept of the TechTalks with different PSI experts at the center. Film language is English.

In the second season of the PSImetals TechTalk series, our experts will be supported by the targeted use of digital effects. Apart from this, the task for the colleagues remains the same: to explain coherences, problems and backgrounds of the world of PSImetals in a vivid and easy way.

React and learn faster

Digital Transformation

Heiko Wolf, Head of PSImetals FutureLab

Adaptive best practises in action

PSImetals Service Architecture

Jeremy Coppe, Head of Competence Center Planning

Smooth deviation handling

Deviations in Steel Production

Ira Vollenberg, Product Manager

Agility for Changes

KPI Driven Production Planning

Robert Jäger, Product Manager Planning

The Factory Model

A virtual twin of your plant

Igor Kunin, Consultant PSI Metals

More about  the Factory Model

Order Dressing

From Sales Order to Product Design

Gunther Schober, Consultant

The DNA of production management

Customizing a Standard

Luc Van Nerom, Deputy Managing Director

TechTalks - Season 1

The approach was new: PSI colleagues explain vividly and readily understandable coherences, problems and backgrounds of the everyday work of our customers. Abstract tools were allowed, but no use of well-known presentation techniques as Powerpoint or the PSImetals software itself.

Film set was the PSI office in Berlin. The permitted properties included materials such as chocolate, cooking pots, bricks and more. Although it was a jump in at the deep end for the entire film crew of the first season, the challenge was mastered with dedication, fun and creativity. Let yourself be inspired!

Interface Integration

How standard interfaces make the octopus happy

Myriam Mensing, Head of Competence Center Production & Logistics

Scrap Management

How chocolate helps to organize the internal scrap cycle

Rene Kowalke, Project Manager

Steel Production

How cookies improve steel making

Pauline Duval, Project Manager

Dynamic Material Connection

How dynamic material assignment improves your hot mill schedule

Vivian DeSmedt, Senior Project Manager

Dynamic Stockyard

How playing with bricks provides insights into logistics

Ulrike Bien, Product Manager Production & Logistics

Release Videos

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