• PSImetals UserGroup for the Americas


    The PSImetals UserGroup is the PSI customer event for the exchange of experience on PSImetals solutions.
    Now for the first time in North America!

With numerous registrations we had been excited to host our first PSImetals UserGroup Americas. It is therefore even more regrettable that we have to cancel it in anticipation of current developments around the COVID 19 virus. We are considering rescheduling the event to a later date.

For PSI, people and their health are always at the center of attention, which is why we want to avoid any risks to customers and employees. In this way, we also follow the recently introduced guidelines and restrictions imposed by health and government authorities, as well as many of our customers.

We will of course inform our customers about the new date in the accustomed manner.

The Architecture of Digitalization

PSImetals UserGroup for the Americas - Get first hand information, share your experience and increase your network with other PSImetals users as well as PSI employees.

PSImetals 5.20 is the official release of our new Service Platform architecture – and the reason to celebrate this with our first UserGroup for the Americas!

When: 18-19 March 2020

Where: New PSI office Pittsburgh, USA

Agenda:  Joint Dinner on March 18 / Full day conference with presentations and workshops on March 19

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