• Industrial Artificial Intelligence

    Use the possibilities of AI in steel and aluminium production.

For Industrial Artificial Intelligence, PSI focuses on solutions that combine industrial process knowledge with methods of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in a reliable and robust manner.

Practical examples for AI in Steel and Aluminum Production

Predictive Quality for Zero Defect Manufacturing

Avoiding Defects by Using Artificial Intelligence with Qualitative Labeling and Machine Learning

  • Reduce & avoid defects in advance
  • Improve quality of final products
  • Self-tuning quality control business process

Finding Surface Defects by Image Recognition

Detecting defects on material surfaces using machine vision for image segmentation

  • Much faster & more precise than any human being
  • Reduce production cost
  • Improve efficiency

AI to Watch & Listen

Predicitive Quality

Possibilities using AI

Industrial AI

Integrate AI Services using the Service Platform

AI in PSImetals Quality

Predict the quality

Machine Learning

Predictive quality with Machine Learning

Fading Out the Noise with Big Data

Recorded webinar "The Power of Industrial Artificial Intelligence" (1h) -

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AI for Further Reading

Process optimization with AI

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Predict defects

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Predict defects

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Get started with AI

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Enjoy the Sound of Silence

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How to Break the Automation Pyramid

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More AI applications for other industries in the PSI Group

Industrial Artificial Intelligence at PSI: Reliable, robust and versatile

AI for other industries? The long-term practical AI experience in the PSI Group offers a broad spectrum such as artificial neural networks, advanced fuzzy logic, combinatorial optimization and advanced industrial engineering | AI applications in the PSI Group

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