• The PSImetals Service Platform

    Discover new possibilities of digitalization.

The PSImetals Service Platform forms the basis for a future-oriented production management system.

Use existing PSImetals components and at the same time be ready for future services to be developed.

  • Methods - Seamless integration of the latest Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning Services
  • Processes - Flexible orchestration of Standard Services fulfilling individual business process requirements
  • Database management - use of industry-proven systems
  • Communication - Open communication concept for PSImetals Services as well as Services developed and provided by partners, customers, or even competitors
  • Architecture - Improved solution scalability and non-disruptive solution extensions or service updates due to Service Oriented Architecture (SOA)

Compatibility by Design

Just imagine the trick where a magician is removing a tablecloth by pulling it away without breaking the dishes.

We are reversing the trick: we are putting the new PSImetals SP under the existing solution without breaking anything. New services can work together with established components immediately.

Adaptive Best Practices for Metals

Our complete tool box of best practice services and process definitions out-of-the-box, ready for adaptation to local customer site requirements.

Agile Implementation & Non-Disruptive Upgrades

Services are loosely coupled via the PSIbus. This enables a rolling upgrade of a service or installing a new version of a service for a specific area of the plant only.

Data Analysis & Predictive Services

With the concept "Algorithms as a Service" (AaaS), services based on AI/ML frameworks can be embedded. Defined APIs for data supply, training and online operation enable the selection of the preferred solution.

Real-time Responsiveness & Optimization

Complex computational services are integrated and responsive, using services with a specialized model for rapid response to requests. These models are seamlessly updated via PSIbus.

Quality & Reliability

By having the complete set of quality data of a plant in the Factory Model, Services like automated root-cause-analysis can be easily implemented to find the vulnerable areas in production when something went wrong.

Adaptive Best Practices for Metals

A flexible infrastructure that can run services in any environment as needed, is supported: close to a line on the premises, in a local data centre, or cloud- hosted. Following the concept of edge computing, services can be shifted between environments.

To Watch & Listen

PSImetals Service Platform

Presented at METEC 2019

Digital Transformation

React and learn faster to beat the competition

PSImetals Service Architecture

Adaptive best practises in action

Industrial Intelligence

Integrate AI Services using the Service Platform

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