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Explore With Us the Driving Elements of Production Management

Every four years, the world's leading trade fair for metallurgical technology opens its doors! At METEC, the best international experts in the metallurgical industry meet to exchange ideas and experiences.

PSI Metals exhibited at the event with the theme: Production Management Solutions Today for Generations to Come.

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Explore With Us the Driving Elements of Production Management!


At our METEC booth you can discover:


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PSI Metals' employees, corporate culture and Strategy 2030 are driven by passion. As a global company, we want to grow together with our customers and support them in achieving their strategic business growth.


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Energy is at the heart of metal production, but its high consumption leads to high CO2 emissions. Decarbonization is the big challenge of this decade - and it requires change.

Become a renewable energy producer - literally - and find out how PSI Metals helps metals producers set green KPIs, deal with new process and production route complexities, generate and optimize their heat schedules, and overcome energy volatility and price through smart energy trading.


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PSI Metals supports customers on their way to digitalization and decarbonization with innovative products so that they remain competitive despite changing market conditions. 

  Together with our partner coilDNA, who will also be present at our booth, you have direct access to the future: Experience IoT up close with just one scan!


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To sustain its existence, the metal production process must continuously adapt to business operations and production models. This also applies to the way business is conducted between PSI and its customers and partners.

The new PSI App Store, which represents a further stage of empowerment, aims to simplify established processes from software procurement to delivery and solution maintenance.

PSI at ESTAD - European Steel Technology and Application Days

The 6th ESTAD took place in parallel with METEC. The focus is on the latest information, ideas and developments as well as the state of the art in metallurgical process technologies in iron and steel production, materials and applications.

PSI Metals gave 6 presentations all of which focused on decarbonization and digital transformation, challenges and solutions on how to resolve them

Download the Technical Presentations and Whitepapers!

Metals Production Management 4.0

Speaker : Alessandro Stenico

This paper explores the IT infrastructure and business process management functions that a metals production management system 4.0 must provide, to plainly support and leverage the promises of the industrial internet revolution.

Dynamic Order Dressing – the Key Input to Optimized Planning

Speaker : Marc Schwarzer

Dynamic Order Dressing (OD) provides several advanced features, which combined into the proper overall system architecture, can provide the vital inputs for an optimized Planning decision.

Blockchain-based tracking of steel products’ properties enhanced by zero-knowledge proofs

Speaker : Dipl.-Ing. Roman Markus Holler

Combining blockchain technology with zero-knowledge proofs enables metals producers providing relevant information without revealing confidential details about their production processes.

Qualicision-based Online Heat Scheduling in Hybrid Melt Shops

Speaker : Heinz-Josef Ponten

Qualicision technology is based on extended fuzzy logic, which is used to recognize and balance optimization conflicts as well as to machine learn and to recommend consistent KPI goal preference settings.

Maximizing Profit through Short-term Market Prices by Detailed Energy Consumption Projections

Speaker : Dr. Stefan Albers

This paper discusses that two steps are essential to enabling steel producers adapt to energy availability. The first is to forecast the energy demand of production and secondly ensure that the adapted production plans match the availability.

Cloud-based assistance system for AI-cognition supported in-process control in steel production

Speaker : Dr. Joachim Gnauk

The research project aims at developing an AI cognition support system for in-process control, which will enable a more resource efficient process and material configuration through self-learning correlations of signal characteristics with process properties.

Discover Our Production Management Solutions

2023: METEC showcase - Production Management Solutions Today for Generations to Come

The energy floor show our readiness to support our customers in managing not only the increased complexity of hybrid steel plants but also to manage at the same time the complexity of volatility and availability of renewable energies as one of the main future resources. The future is electric and the successful modern steel plant should efficiently combine scheduling with forecasting of electric energy demands and availability of alternative renewable energy to produce steel with reduced CO2 footprint.

Showcase Highlights

The key highlight was the energy floor, where guests jumped on to make the turbines of an off-shore windfarm rotate. Energy profile generated in about 15 seconds was transformed into a wind-energy prognosis for the next couple of hours and transmitted to PSImetals Online Heat Scheduler (OHS). The PSImetals OHS showed a hybrid steel plant, which combines both basic oxygen furnaces and an electric arc furnaces all in one plant. The windfarm then powers the electric arc furnace of the hybrid steel plant. Learn more about our OHS.

In Pictures: PSI Metals METEC Showcase 2023!

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