PSImetals Academy/Online - PSImetals Konfiguration

Configuration of Actions with PSImetals

Get to know the different types of actions in the action repository and understand the workflow and structure of generic actions. Learn how DD mapping controls the data flow between dialog and database and how to configure a generic action dialog fitting to your needs.

  • This course is especially intended for IT support personnel especially tasked with the configuration of new screens or actions 
  • Prerequisites: basic knowledge of PSImetals Data Dictionary, usage of a data base tool like HORA, basic knowledge about pl/sql, basic knowledge about GUI navigation, basic business process knowledge

During the course you will learn: 

  • introduction of Action Repository
  • types of Configurable Actions such as programmed Action, GoTo Action, generic Action, etc.
  • workflow of Generic Actions (introduction of Action Handler Concept, preparing & perform procedure)
  • controlling Data Flow by DD Mapping (data flow from the Data Base into the Dialog, data flow from the Dialog into the Data Base)
  • changeing layout of the Generic Action Dialog (change Existing Field and add New Field) 
Dauer4 Stunden
Zielgruppe Fortgeschritten
Preis290 Euro
Teilnehmermax. 5

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