PSImetals Academy/Online - Population View

Population View mit PSImetals

The participants who successfully complete the training module will be able to fully use all the intended features of the population views in the PSImetals Planning components. They will also be able to practice modifying population views using the Virtual Factory and will have the knowledge and skills afterwards to be able to make adjustments to improve their own configurations.

  • This course is especially intended for potential or existing PSI key users; from beginner to expert
  • Prerequisites: no previous PSImetals knowledge is necessary and there are no prerequisites to be able to attend this course

During the course you will learn:

  • an in-depth overview of all Population View functions will guide the attendees to a comprehensive understanding of all the features available in the Population View
  • basic functions such as usage of 3D views, displaying inputs and scheduled results, filters, colorizations, and introduction of advanced configuration topics
Dauer3 Stunden
Zielgruppe Anfänger
Preis290 Euro
Teilnehmermax. 12

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