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    Energy Efficiency as a Basis for Competitiveness

    Comprehensive Energy Management for Metals

Metals producers are large energy consumers. Many of them produce gas as a by-product of their metallurgical processes. In many parts of the world energy costs account for a substantial share of production costs and selling produced energy at the right moment may generate additional revenue.

The PSImetals Energy software offers the optimization of the production process according energy consumption and power demand as well as the possibility to use the market chances in areas like production, renewable energy, energy trading, etc.

10% less energy consumption
10% throughput increase

The following areas are covered:

  • Production planning

  • Control & Monitoring

  • Energy Purchase

  • Management of Controlling Power

The higher the level of consumption, the more attractive the business opportunities

Detlef Schmitz about the energy management of the future


Energy as the most important variable in production

  • Optimize energy consumption and avoid line shutdowns
  • Reduce the demand for extra energy and therefore penalty costs
  • Utilize the agreed energy quota more effectively
  • Up-to-date forecasts of energy consumption in case of deviations
  • Lower costs by dynamic energy procurement
  • More revenue by participation in the energy trading

Production Planning with PSImetals

  • Consideration of energy restrictions
  • Effective use of existing energy quota
  • Energy distribution by priority

Controlling & Monitoring with PSImetals

  • Controlling energy consumption for switchable consumers
  • Continuous recalculation of the short term forecast
  • Monitoring of available remaining energy
  • Rescheduling in case of production shift changes (earlier/later)

Energy Purchase with PSImarket

  • Favourable and flexible purchase
  • Bundling of purchasing
  • Billing of contracted energy

Management of Controlling Power with PSIcontrol

  • Participation in auctions
  • Collaboration with production planning
  • Easy process changes
  • Swichting activities execution
  • Alternative strategies for non-availability
  • Monitoring and archiving

Benefit from the Market Leader for Production Management in Metals

Energy: Component Module
  • Combining process know-how in metals with PSI's business know-how and PSI solutions for the  energy management
  • Integrative aspect of production management: from planning to production control, from procuring to monitoring
  • Use of market chances to produce at  a low price
  • Considering availability of volatile energy sources (renewable energy) based on market realtime decisions about consumption of available energy or buying/ selling energy to the market
  • Artificial Intelligence at PSI: Choosing the best mix for industrial questions combining Neural Networks, advanced Fuzzy Logic and Operations Research
  • Java-based software technology for a high configurability and intuitive user interfaces, optimized for daily tasks in steel and aluminum production

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