• Quality Is Not an Act, It Is a Habit

    Ensuring Production Quality at Shop Floor

Quality is a critical topic in metal production and has replaced throughput as the primary goal in today‘s business operations. Aristotle once said, “Quality is not an act, it is a habit.” It determines the success or failure of any business. Therefore it becomes imperative for any organization to focus on quality not only for products but also for processes.



The following areas are covered:

  • Order Dressing

  • Quality Control

  • Deviation Management

  • Integrated Quality Management

Available for:

  • Flat products: slabs, heavy plates and coils

  • Long products: tubes, billets, wire rods and others

Being a complex field, metal production requires different areas to be considered to improve product and process quality. PSImetals Quality software includes many functions to support and improve different quality aspects of production, like feedstock quality, constant quality during the ongoing processes, routine material handling or correct execution of the individual process steps.

With our state-of-the-art tool all quality data and processes can be continuously captured, controlled and adapted, enabling online evaluation of current and future situations and ensuring constant, reliable material quality throughout the entire production process.

50% degrading reduction
25% more OTIF delivery
15% higher throughput
20% less lead time

Plan, Control and Achieve Quality Targets

  • Integrated quality management from primary metals to finishing
  • Integrated process control from upstream to downstream facilities
  • Complete product tracing for quality certification and proof of production history
  • User friendly handling via graphical visualization and quality data and standard reports
  • Easy system integration including certified SAP
  • Highly adaptable interfaces optimized for quality data

Order Dressing

  • Holistic product design
  • Transformation of incoming sales orders to technical processes and quality instructions
  • Centralized business knowledge base

Quality control

  • Real time quality control based on current quality data as well as on historical data
  • Highly configurable rules for detection and early prediction of defects
  • Specialized functionally for quality control in the melt shop
  • Fuzzy Logic based quality decisions

Deviation Management

  • Rule based detection of current quality issues
  • Manual or automatic in-and-after-process control
  • Automated generation of rework or adjustment of further PDI data

Quality Management

  • Support of continuous improvement processes by providing high agility in the closed loop of definition of quality targets, control of process results and adjusting of targets
  • Documentation of the whole process for certification requirements
  • Predictive quality management via SPC

Benefit from the Market Leader for Production Management in Metals

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  • Immediate handling of quality deviations by seamless integration with production control
  • Detailed defect tracking and projection along the genealogy
  • Support of zero-defect-strategies by embedded predictive maintenance via statistical process control (SPC)
  • Closed quality improvement circle from integrated product design to after-process-control
  • Artificial Intelligence at PSI: Choosing the best mix for industrial questions combining Neural Networks, advanced Fuzzy Logic and Operations Research
  • Java-based software technology for a high configurability and intuitive user interfaces, optimized for daily tasks in steel and aluminum production


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